MAWMonday Motivators 05/17/2015

Success and successful people, that is the theme today. What struck me was a nagging question I have wrestled with this week and for the last few years really. Jennifer Thompson posted it in a way that combined elements perfectly for my current mood. The point is best summed up by what a friend wrote in response to an old post:

Understand that the Universe creates certain situations and scenarios for us, because we subconsciously ask for them by giving focus to our current discontent. If we don’t make the effort to remove ourselves from the place we are in “which is not serving us”, then the higher power gives us the proverbial nudge, creating events and circumstances that we WILL be moved. – Connie Jackson

tuningForksYou are faced with this set of decisions, placed in this context, moved by this moment because of your communication with the universe. Even more awe inspiring is that you own the choice. It’s the linchpin in the scaffolding. The plan is already in motion. The question is more about what you vibrate to attract. Be mindful of your frequency.

1. Blame You.
You probably are not comfortable with the idea of blaming yourself. Most people are not comfortable with the idea. But, I have found that you reclaim your power by taking the responsibility. When Connie wrote suggested that you are responsible for what the universe delivers to us, I needed it to be true. I know it to be true, and you want it too. You need to realize that you are more in control than you thought. The question is, What do you really want? That’s what the tweet link leads to. It’s not just a simple rebuke of you. It’s an opportunity for you to intentionally call your desires into existence.

2. Make the Most Let us carry this responsibility out to its logical conclusion. Every day, each moment you determine whether it is joyful or tragic. Even in the moment when my grandmother was lost to cancer, I had a choice. I chose to be encouraged that 1) she gave me all the love I could handle, and she then splashed more love for good measure. 2) I built a life on the certainty that at least one person loved me unconditionally. No matter what situation you find yourself in, it is your choice to make the most of it. Your motivation is that you are drawing experiences to yourself. You are attracting with your choice.

3. Improve Your Quality of Life
And, here is Jennifer’s question composed in a tweet. How about seeing yourself as flawed and in need of help, but without the negative connotation? How about realizing that needing assistance and accepting help is a quicker, more sustainable way to success? How about improving your quality of life by first realizing that you DESERVE a better quality of life? The small successes and achievements you experience are what your life is supposed to be about continually. What’s missing is YOUR Expectation of Greatness. Expect the best. Tune to that frequency…

4. Imagine Your Success …and Envision the best. You have to see it plainly. You may not see all the choices, detours, and challenges, but see the goals and the next step. Now, do that next step expecting a positive return. This link tweeted by Secret LOA talks about vibration. In social work, we call it solution-focus. If you achieved at the level and outcome that you want, what would you be doing differently. Do more of that right now. Make it your business to increase the time you put into those behaviors that approximate the behaviors consistent with your success.

9087445. Be Who You Want
Marsha’s fascination wraps up MAWMonday Motivators for this week. Today, just decide that you are going to be who you want to be. You are going to live in the success that you want. You are going to rise beyond what you thought just moments ago. You are going to produce on a level that you assumed impossible before reading this post. You are going to vibrate at a frequency that causes sympathetic vibrations of success.