MAWMonday Motivators 05/24/2015

midlife-crisis-aheadI woke up to a quote that felt like home, the home I have been living in for the last month. Risk. It’s all fine and dandy to talk about risk when it is a chance to review a new opportunity. But, when risk requires faith because the opportunity is little more than a passion for change and a desire to make a difference, that’s when it truly becomes real. Your motivation today comes from that place of real risk. I encourage you to explore leaving “good enough” and risk to achieve your dreams. I’m going to do it. But, to my embarrassment, not without being forced by mid-life crisis. Oh well!

This week is an offering to lift your expectation. You will soar through images of clouds, birds, planes, rising tree branches, and the sweetest revenge. May you find the courage to risk even when you have something to lose.

1. Risk for Your Vision
Sometimes, you are the only one who can see it. Others may support you, but truly seeing it is an ability to work backwards to implement solid steps. When you put yourself in a position to be evaluated by others, critiqued and second-guessed, you risk watering down your vision. The danger also exists of losing belief in your vision. Sure, you continue to hold on to the dream. But, you lose that intensity and the intentional sacrifice to put the steps into action. You get preoccupied with the standard, the ordinary, the safe and “good enough.” Until, that is, that someone questions the ordinary and you are shaken to realize that you were never called to be ordinary.

2. When Forced, Fly
At this point, don’t even sweat the fact that you were motivated by challenge. Just be thankful that you were wrested from your complacency. This is the moment when faith must prove itself. Commit yourself to action. Remember the sacrifices of time and leisure you once knew. Limit the vacation, and re-focus to the smart work, dual-purpose travel, and working lunches. Schedule the meetings. Have the conversations. Register the paperwork. Set the plan into motion. Or, to say it another way, spread your wings and fly!

3. A Seed is Everything
It doesn’t take much to start, but what it does take is everything. Everything because, as the tweet illustrates, you have to hold your ground. Against those who would waste your time, against those who would buy your time for less than it’s worth, against those who would seek to lure you to the ordinary, Hold your ground. And, that takes more than many of us have in us. That’s why few experience the freedom. You can be another who creates her own space, plants herself, gathers resources, engages the network, and thrives.

4. Learn the Mechanics

Failure is not an option, but it is often a part of the process. As you already know, “failure” is a temporary word that should always translate into “learning.” What you are learning are the mechanisms of success. That’s why I like this tweet. If you have ever traveled by plane, you  know the wonder of the plane getting off the ground.

I once flew on a plane from South Bend, Indiana to San Francisco, California. The plane probably had 230 people on board. It had two aisles. Two seats on the outside aisles and 6 seats in the middle. It stretched back with at least 4 partitions. I was struck with amazement that physics could explain how this massive hunk of metal could climb to 34,000 feet and safely return to the ground.

It’s not just the faith. It’s also the physics (and math, and human behavior, and choice architecture, etc.). Continue to produce, AND continue to learn about your market. Understand what works, or at least have people around you that can collect, parse, review, and produce the data to support your production and your connection with your market.

5. Enjoy Massive Success
I am the first to admit that I want them to know what they missed. But, wisdom calls me to recognize and value my energy above revenge. This tweet reminds me that the goal all along was to get it done. When you put in the intentional time, when you sacrifice, when you risk and learn and lead, you accomplish everything. This includes proving what was questioned. Their doubt can never become your doubt. Their small minds and short-sight can never shrink your vision or dim your light. You DO! You succeed. You find that to realize your vision makes the struggle almost worth it. Almost, because the enjoyment of massive success has little room for reminiscing about struggle.