MAWMonday Motivators 06/07/2015

I had a moment this week. The long story is that I have had 3 people tell me my future. Yes. They stopped me and told me specifics about my productivity, children, where I would live, and the financial success I would achieve. Similar to the movies, there was a time when this was the source of some serious universe questioning and seeking for confirmation. That anxiety has given way to trust as pieces have come to fruition.

aziz-ansari-on-kobe-system-1What happened this week was an important revelation related to the expansion of my business. It connected in a way that brought together all the recent experiences and prior development as if there was a conspiracy to get me into just the right mindset. Small hints by people who did not follow through. Fun projects I took on for self development. My uniqueness and refusal of “the box.” AND the disappointments. EVERYTHING was useful for exactly that moment, my moment. You will see more videos produced by MAWMedia Group as an explanation of my moment. But, there’s more to come…a monumental achievement that I have waited patiently for.

This week, as always, Twitter was written just for me. I offer the insight to you. Be encouraged this week because ALL of it, every experience prepares you to GET IT when your moment arrives. Trust me. It blew my mind.

1. Perfect the Small Things.
The risk in following your passion is that someone or some entity may decide that what you believe in doesn’t amount to much on their scale. You may find that others consider your interests small and unimportant. You may be tempted to adopt the main-stream approach, to give in to THEIR way. Then, you realize that it’s not their opinion that is bothering you. It’s the fact that you have not perfected your product, market, and distribution. Once you do, when you get that revelation, you join innovators throughout history who were ahead of their time.

2. Realize There is No Small
The limitations you place on your mind are the only limits that exist. Someone said, “Don’t just think outside the box,” in true Matrix form, “Awaken to the truth that there is no box.”

Thinking big or thinking small, both are just thinking. Some might call it dreaming. But, wake up to what others are now realizing and publicizing. Dreaming is a necessary component of creativity. Creativity is a necessary component of a contented life. A contented life can impact the world just by being. Now, what if you dreamed AND acted on that dream? I’ll tell you what. You can impact the world multiple times over.

3. Count on Your Dream
And, it starts with the dream. Before I had my moment this week, I hadn’t realized how far I had moved from my original relationship with my dream. It wasn’t just that I had lost perspective on the encouragement I counted on from the outside. I also lost that original simplicity and purity, the innocence of my dream. In my moment this week, I rediscovered the simplicity. I, then, looked at my preparation and the work I have already completed. I was flushed with energy and an overwhelming sense–a clarity and certainty of my vision being made manifest.

Count on your dream even when you have forgotten how to count on yourself. Get back to the basics: supply and demand OR however you express it. Your success is not complex, long-term, hard fought, and loud. It is simple, consistent, cooperative, and whispering. Listen.

4. Trust in the Moment
Not just this current moment. But, enjoy this moment trusting that the next moment will have exactly what you need for that moment. In my moment this week, I realized a sense of predestination I had not experienced since I found my soulmate. It was a vision that everything that has happened HAD to happen just as it played out. Truth is, in your moment, you will still feel a bit scared. I still have fear somewhere in there. But, it’s fear of what I could lose. I have decided, instead of fear of loss, to find joy in the gain. If you can’t trust me and do it for yourself, watch me!

kobe-system-level-4-15. Produce out of Gratitude
This tweet offers the perfect sequitur. I’m not even going to explain it with many words. Just know that your job, the responsibility of your life, is to get the beauty, skills, knowledge, and joy inside you out into the world. Share it. How? Every way. When? Every time. Where? Every where.