MAWMonday Motivators 06/11/2017

Back to Basics: the Fundamentals of You

…and your success. I think it is somewhat okay to play it safe. Maybe you don’t have all the information you need to work with. Maybe you have not figured out what really matters, or you have don’t know what you need for survival. What I cannot understand is playing small. Like you’re 6 foot 3 and walk with slumped shoulders and a bowed head. I can’t understand it. But, am I guilty of it? That’s the question for you this week. Are you playing small?

It’s not just about living up to your potential. It is walking blindly past opportunities. It is choosing the safety of the shore even while you could learn to swim. Today and this week, work toward mastery by returning first to the fundamentals. I’m not going to push you out into the deep end, but I am challenging you to pay attention to the lessons as they come. Practice progressively. Get ready!

1. Fundamentals

I am not one for pie in the sky or quick fixes. But, sometimes (often) the answer like written instructions stare us in the face as we languish with pictures and wants too stubborn to do what it takes to win. Fundamentally, your task is to get to it. But, just as fundamental, is the process you started with when you were a novice. Read the instructions. Ask for help. Get the proper tools. Set the appropriate environment. Get to work. Enjoy yourself. So…Let’s do this! Get back to those fundamentals consistently, relentlessly. And, enjoy yourself.

2. Live More

I love phrases like this. I enjoy adding depth to the words. No longer simply “more,” the phrase in my mind is “Live the More.” It begs the question, “What is The More?” And, this is where the inspiration begins. The More is fundamentally connected to life and the living. More is life abundantly, with the attraction of every good and perfect thing. An expression of giftedness without regret and authentic self without apology.

Imagine rising every day to be you fully without restraints from the outside. No flaws to mask. No will to disguise. No powers to placate. This is The More. Live it.

3. Want it Bad

I don’t think anyone is impressed or deterred by the work it’s going to take. Most people are intimidated by the moment. When faced with the opportunity of a fully-informed choice to take the risk and forego the safe bet, many shy away convincing themselves that they have chosen the adult and responsible option. Get excited to lose the knowledge of what that feels like. As if base jumping from a skyscraper has risk on so many levels, relinquish the fear of what may happen and get back to the fundamentals: height and a parachute. Consider your risk preparation prior to your leap. Reflect on what you have packed in that parachute of knowledge, skills, and relationships. Leap fundamentally assured that you are prepared AND you want it bad enough to take the risk.

4. Want Now versus Want Most

I’m preaching freedom this week. That’s what most of us want. It’s not that we are tired of the grind or the people or the rules or the wait. Some of us are tired of that, but more are tired of the lack of control. You moved out of your parent’s house only to have another set of authority figures control your coming and going. You can pretend all you want, and adopt “adult” behaviors attempting to assert your independence. But, you are fundamentally tied to those authorities that pay for you and provide for your lifestyle. They give you what you want now. But, an options exists for you to get what you want most. Freedom!

Start by recognizing what this really is. It’s a trap. Now, recognize that it’s not about digging out. You only get deeper that way. It’s about laddering up and climbing out. What do you have to build with? Get to work.

5. Celebrate Work

You need to internalize the true lesson of work. As I said, most people don’t fear work anymore. But, that’s not its purpose. Work is fundamentally the marker of celebration. Think about it. What is the mechanism and indication of jobs? The weekend. Of employment? Vacation. Of project management? Project completion. It is a basic yin-yang that we practice ad nauseum. And, that’s my point. We don’t always enjoy the work along the way. Maybe it’s because the goal isn’t ours or because we focus on the have-todos instead of the get-todos.

My challenge to you this week is to translate your “work” into “preparation” and your “looking for done” to “loving the process.” Granted, it is not a simple switch to flip. It is a process in itself. Make it fundamental. Practice. Celebrate!