MAWMonday Motivators 06/14/2015

Tracy Morgan moved me this week. It’s no secret that I’m inspired by the success and work of SNL, Tina Fey, 30 Rock, and any comedian that builds a career after being a cast member–any cast. What energizes me every time is the idea that that one chance can turn into so much more. It is also no secret that Tracy Morgan is funny, and a key ingredient to the stew that made 30 Rock a meal of hilarity during its run on television, and delicious leftovers in re-run buffet. What surprised me were the nuggets of motivation that attended Tracy’s return to television one year after a car accident that claimed the life of his dear friend. Watch the full interview here:

tracy-morgan-today-showTracy was more interested in stating his thanks than promoting any comeback. He honored his friends and supporters, but he also took time to remember health professional by name. It was touching to see that the friendships go deeper than work, that Tracy’s humanity goes deeper than cameras, and that success is the least of what matters. I was already convinced that life is too short to wait on success. Tracy reminded us all that success is closeness with the people you love and who love you.

As always, Twitter connected to the message Tracy advanced. View Tracy Morgan’s Today Show interview. After, enjoy the tweets I compiled for your motivation this week.

1. Show Gratitude
I am firmly planted in the “there’s always something to be thankful for” camp. Life can be awful at times. Reality rarely offers resets or mulligans. But, I choose to search diligently for the light while walking though tunnels. I fear not while walking through the valley of shadows. I have experienced joy before. And, true joy lingers as a continual reminder that there is light somewhere. My job is to keep living graciously, giving my all, feeling authentically, communicating honestly, and soon light will reveal itself.

2. Begin Life Now What are you waiting for? My mid-life crisis has revealed to me what my younger colleagues would do well to learn. Life is for the living. Enough of the working to get, and the getting to have, and the having to maintain. What about the living, the process, the experience, the engagement? Start now with identification of really matters. Hold tight and love. And when it’s all done, know that life was the reward.

3. Live Life as a Perpetual Second Chance
Rebuilt and repurposed. Reconditioned and quality checked. Life is not a puzzle to be figured out. It is more simple. It is blank canvas along with a palette for you to mix the colors. It is an open field where your imagination provides the lumber, and your excitement provides the energy, and your love provides the warm to build a home. It is the doing of experience that makes a life’s work. It is the sharing, communicating, and exchange that makes a life’s meaning.

4. Be Someone’s Rainbow Clouds, rain, storms come. It just works to remove your focus away from your weather. Create weather. An easy way to start your own sunshine weather system is to bring the rainbow to someone else’s cloudy day. It can be as simple as a smile because you chose to lead with joy. It can be as monumental as flowers or donuts. It doesn’t matter the size. The sharing causes a chain reaction with global warming effects.

5. Know It Will Be Okay
I am often quoted explaining this and other statements like “All things work together for the good…” It is not that life naturally works out for the good. It is not that things end up okay. Know that it will be okay because you are called to a purpose. That is, you have something uniquely ordained to accomplish. You are gifted and continue to become even more equipped to share and influence. It will be okay because you will make it okay. And as I do my part, the movement strengthens.