MAWMonday Motivators 06/26/2016

elephant-dog-kindnessIt’s Summer, so you’re probably not following stocks too closely. I noticed another steep retraction this past week after some great recoveries over the last two quarters. As you confirm what will be left over after your vacations and unexpected expenditures, you will surely be looking for places to park your cost of living raise this year. Let me take this moment to remind you of what’s most important: Your Mindset. Invest there first. Summer is a great time to do it. Create a mental habit that you can carry beyond this season. Decide on which perspectives to buy, and those to sell.

Start with kindness. End with love, whatever the task. In the middle, be happy, take risks, and do so confidently. That’s what this week’s MAWMonday Motivators are selling. I, for one, am buying.

1. Use Kindness
Trust that you can hold others accountable AND respect their perspective. An advanced skill, you can comprehend the origins and process of their perspective. Throughout the conversation, you can listen for understanding, reflect what you think you heard, and clarify intended meanings. You may disagree in the end, but you can have a civil discussion. You may gain a different perspective. You may also gain a friend.

2. Pause the Pursuit
It can’t just be about working and death with brief periods of enjoyment in between. Life is what I’m talking about. I challenge you to love what you are doing. Notice, I didn’t say, “Do what you love.” I said find the beauty, progress, even love in what you are doing. Sure, you may want to expand, switch, and grow. But, what you are doing in this moment is what it is. Be happy now. Establish the “vacation” in your daily routine. Don’t spend another moment wishing for some future moment. Enjoy now!

3. Risk the Too Far
I’m not sure “too” has much utility in the visioning phase. I’m convinced that it cannot be too big, too far, too much, or too good. Sure, I’m going to evaluate the costs and the plan. But, I’m also going to dream. I’m gooing to map out the ideal. You should too! Don’t limit yourself before you even get to the planning table.

4. Go Confidently
What’s the other option? The best at this explanation is Kanye West. Imagine if no one ever taught you to diminish yourself. Imaging if your definition of humility focused on preparation and effort rather than self deprecation. When you said you were a genius, you would be expressing the hard work and your evaluation of your effort rather than just empty boasts. Live that humility, confidently.

5. Love Yourself
There will be some that will challenge, place obstacles, fail to do their part, and even call you unworthy. But, never be that person. I’m not just saying don’t do that to others. I am imploring you, do not do that to yourself. Just determine whether you truly want it. You may have to get up earlier, lift heavier, move across country, or learn to trust again. But, your enemy must not be you. And, if you have no enemy within, no enemy from without can stop you.