MAWMonday Motivators 07/02/2017

You Should Have Started A Long Time Ago

The experience of any increase in efficiency, passion, reasoning, knowledge, or joy is immediately followed with a common human thought. We all rack our brains attempting to figure out why we waited so long to implement the new solution. We wonder what took us so long. Often, the reason is fear. Of failure, of the unknown, of starting over, of letting go, and the list is endless.

This week, the inspiration is simple, “Let’s Go!” I’m just not going to listen to the naysayers, detractors, fear-mongers, and dream killers. You shouldn’t listen either. Don’t listen even when the voice you hear with negativity is inside your head. Remember the purpose of fear to keep you awake. Nevermind success. Find your spirit. Put on your Red Lipstick. And, stay focused on your Why.

1. Purpose of Fear

Embrace the fear. It’s just a reminder. I have talked about it before. Fear is like an alarm clock that you cannot turn off. You may manage to hit snooze, but it reveals itself over and over again along your journey. Expect it. Use it to your advantage. Ask yourself the tough questions when fear reminds you. Are you doing your best? Are you connecting authentically? Are you doing more of what you love than what you dread? If you can answer each of these with a “Yes,” fear has just reminded you that you are on the right track. If “No” creeps into one of these answers, it’s a reminder to get back on track. All other fear and performance anxiety is wasted attempts at controlling the future. You can predict the future based on yes-answers to the aforementioned questions. Don’t worry about controlling it.

2. Success, Nevermind

What are you waiting for? Go ahead. Get ahead. Beyond the fallacies, fear, and doubt that keeps you from progressive action, success can be a ruthless task master as well, if you let it. “But, what if no one attends, buys, likes, applauds?” Take a step back. That’s not why you are doing any of this. “But, I need to make money.” Stop for a moment. Breathe. Whether you had money or not is not the reason you are doing this. Many certain ways to make money exist. Out of all of them, you chose this. You chose this because it gives you a measure of joy beyond what the other ways could. I’m not asking you to dispense with the understanding of money as a benefit to your life. I am asking you to not hijack your joy and replace it with money. Make the joy, and the rest will certainly come.

3. Find Your Spirit

Doing what you love, spending time on what really matters, finding your spirit, these are all the same concept. It doesn’t matter what the future holds. The present is where you are living. This moment has an opportunity for joy and satisfaction. Exercise your ability to enjoy it as such. Resist the carnality of worry, anxiety, and the insistent what-ifs. Live in spirit realizing that mindfulness, allowing, and attraction are the governing laws that matter.

4. Passion not Boredom

Life is too short. It’s a fact made even more poignant after losing another friend this week to cancer. In these moments, it is important to remember what is most important, to hug those you love most, and do what you are called to do. Without fear. Without hesitation. And then, no regrets.

5. Red Lipstick

And then there are the quotes that make you feel tickled to action. This is one of them. As a man who makes his own choices, I don’t wear make up, including lipstick. But, this quote makes me want to get a tube of Burt’s Bees lip balm and get sassy on some projects.

Bonus. Why You Started

Stay focused on why you started. Not only the calling and the purpose that get you moving every day. Contemplate the reality you envisioned when you first looked forward to dream of what your effort could produce. Fix that vision in your mind. Add to it rather than subtracting from it. See it increase in value and impact for all that get a chance to experience it. Continue to build knowing that the world, beginning with your world, changes as you work.