MAWMonday Motivators 07/05/2015

This weeks motivators speak to that lonely position trailblazers occupy. It is just true that, even in the most supportive of environments, there are times when you are the only one with the idea, the intestinal fortitude, the capability, the focus, the drive to complete a task. It will happen if you are innovating. You will get through it if you keep moving. And as you move, Re-move stubbornness, blinders, and ignorance. Move with new knowledge, clear sight, and learning.

1. Choose Yourself.

Sounds selfish, but only to the uninitiated. Those of us in the game know that networks, coaches, and supports are needed and valuable. But, no network, coach, or support can be blamed when we don’t achieve our goals. That honor rests solely with YOU. So, make the decision. Shoulder the blame. Move beyond leadership and be a captain. Whether the ship sinks or floats, answer the question with pride, pointing out the culprit as in a line up when they ask who did this?

2. Explore Within.

amazing-places-1The past is past. The future has yet to manifest. But, what is within you is real. It is what you have at your disposal in this moment. Gather a deep knowledge of self beyond the superficial desires and masks. Find your motivation and your assurance. Learn your fears and their contradictions. Find strength by admitting your weakness and building your competence. Rise from this meditation more certain because you know your purpose and resolve to live within that promise.

3. Learn Your Capability.

We can run the calculations and the mock scenarios, but the proof requires the courage to test. If you find yourself in a test, realize that courage is still relevant. Endurance is nothing without the courage to maintain your place as the target of testing. Resist the inclination to shy away and cower in the face of the challenge or uncertainty. Find peace in the knowledge that win or lose, you will take away knowledge that many rarely get exposed to and even fewer can benefit from. Through it all, you increase your capability by the simple task yet heroic act of braving this unknown.

4. Stay Focused on Doing.

The option to give up is the weakness in your plan. But, see more clearly. Do not focus on the plan, focus on the doing. Doing requires commitment, consistency, resolve, and courage. The plan only requires execution. In response to new information, the plan may change or evolve. It should. But, doing will always be a part of your strategy. Focusing on doing is an important insurance against the second guessing and fear that can hinder even the initial execution of a plan. Do and produce and you will always have evidence of your progress. Allow that evidence to remind you to continue in well doing.

5. Hustle, Grind, Pivot, Shift, Whatever.

And when new information comes, whether it is in the form of disappointment, promotion, denial, or elevation, MOVE. You can engage more fully. You can intensify your grind. You could build to branch off. You could shift to something new. The point is to move rather than becoming stagnant. If it’s a task, complete it. If it’s a path, see where it leads. If it’s a detour, reroute. If it’s a dead end, turn around. At any rate, whatever, move continually toward your goals.