MAWMonday Motivators 07/10/2016

YouThe problem is immaterial. The solution begins with you. The challenge is that many are unsure about their power, their purpose, their opportunity, their purview, and their context. All 5 are required for causality. You can make change happen, but you make the decision of engagement or indifference with each choice you make. Each of your resources (time, money, information, and people) are implemented for change or to maintain the status quo.

What will you spend your resources on this week? I collected some wisdom from Twitter to support your self-development. May you be motivated this week to change the world beginning with you.

1. Knowledge
Power is required to create change. Knowledge is a perpetual source of power. If you are not humbled by what you don’t know, you are in danger of being haughty and ill-informed. You don’t need to know everything before you begin, but you need to commit to learning and growing in knowledge while you work. It’s funny how the pursuit of knowledge works. The pursuit keeps you open to new information and new ways of seeing the world. You continually add to your competence. You get better at the creative process. You learn to communicate with more clarity. You develop into a more capable person. You gain the ability to influence others through the sharing of knowledge.

2. Courage
Courage risks failure. Even better: Courage is failing and still being enthusiastic about your next attempt. This is important because of the self-reflection that comes with failure. Failure stimulates questioning and a search for knowledge. Add courage and find motivation to apply the new knowledge with intentionality and enthusiasm. I add the suggestion that you keep a log of your attempts and your process of learning. Demonstrate to others the discipline of joy and courage along with the experience of succeeding.

3. Action
It’s the you that makes the difference. It’s not what you joined. It is your action. These days, we can check your action through your social media history. Look at what you were doing 3 years ago. What memories and moments were important 3 months ago? Review what your social media history reveals as your priorities. I’m not impressed about what you do in this moment, because consistent effort and contribution is the only reality that will yield the results we need. Though your history is an indication of what you will prioritize in the present, my hope is that you will stay consistent with the positive action today, in order to sustain a movement well into the future.

4. Perspective
In order to create lasting change, you must consider that the way you were taught may be contrary to your desired outcome. You need a new perspective that is divested from your current view of the world. The shift can be fundamental and therefore disruptive even transformative. Think about it. Write down the process–the way you believe it works. Pay attention to how you describe and articulate the nuances out loud. Then, ask yourself, “Is there another way? If so, How?”

5. Universal Laws
I just want to remind you that it is all energy. Think Newton’s “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Think the law of attraction, “you attract what you dwell upon.” Think the law of polarity, “everything has an opposite.” Where is your energy spent? Is it on the anxiety of your potential to fail, or do you spend on the expectation and joy of succeeding? Do you worry about tomorrow, or do you enjoy each moment of today? Do you live in fun and frivolity, or do you create value through the expression of your purpose?

The world we live in is up to you. It begins with you. Three days, three months, three years from now, my hope is that you are contented with your choices. My hope is that we are all better for your expression of YOU.