MAWMonday Motivators 07/12/2015

Freedom (1)This week, I challenge you to work on your positivity and expectation of great and wondrous benefit to you and those you come into contact with. The key is to arrest those typical thoughts that we see as responsibility and even adulthood. Success in being positive this week will require you to rework your vocabulary and your approach to your inner conversation. What I’m talking about is a moment-by-moment decision to think, speak, and walk expecting it all to work out. Start with your list of tasks. Don’t call it a To-do List. Call it a Can-Do List.

In order to bring this home to you this week, I offer tweets of inspiration. My points are presented as negatives. Read how you can turn them into positive affirmations. Manifest greatness in your life this week. Begin a habit that changes your world.

1. Don’t Hide. Be Authentic.
When you are not authentic, you are hiding something. Often, it is to protect yourself from something you fear. For many, the fear is rejection and/or failure at it’s core. This tweet reminds you that being rejected for being yourself is not rejection. It is affirmation that the group you engaged with is not your nurturing space. Rather than conforming to commune with them, continue authentically and attract your own nurturing space.

2. Stop Being Negative. Be positive. It is insidious. Criticism, doubt, questioning, and uncertainty is in your self-talk alone. But, I’m asking you in concert with this tweet to turn those questions of doubt into solicitations for help. You don’t know it all, but you want to learn. You don’t have all the answers, but you are comfortable being taught. See your weaknesses as opportunities to partner. See your fragility as a definite plan for strengthening. You have a great job to do, but take heart. You have a Great Job to do.

3. Overlook Permission. Overcome Barriers.
Necessity is the mother of invention. And, creativity occurs in empty spaces where imagination can stretch out and take over. Looking for the boundaries, searching for the rules, grasping for the structure is premature and wasteful when you find an empty space. Play in that space. Create in that moment. Take the opportunity to experience flight while falling. It is imagination. It is a purely creative space. You can always conjure a parachute.

Freedom (2)4. Refuse Captivity. Get Free. Rarely is our captivity secured by force. Most often, we acquiesce to a prison of complacency and supposed comfort. We rest in “good enough” and intentions. We put off for another day because we have become convinced that another day will materialize. Freedom is both the anxiety of an uncertain tomorrow and the certainty of your commitment to make each moment count. You may not be sure of tomorrow and what it may bring, but you know what YOU will do in that moment when it arrives. You will enjoy the freedom. You will make it count knowing that your work is never in vain. Your legacy will speak freedom to the generation that comes after you.

5. Stop Giving Up! Get down!
…with your bad self. Yes. Dance like nobody’s watching. If they are, they’re wishing they could hear the music too. It is not time for you to make another plan. It’s not time for you to map and contemplate and set up. Get busy. Make some progress. Complete this moment. It represents the continuation of what you have been working on since you first awakened to the idea of purpose. Every rest period was also a part of the grand plan. Look at the long haul–the long view of time. See beyond an end result. Realize a lifestyle of health, prosperity, productivity, and well-being.