MAWMonday Motivators 07/19/2015

InfiniteHopeAs I work through my Can-Do List, I sometimes find myself overwhelmed with the ideas that continue to flood my mind and the projects that materialize out of ability and ambition. Like you, I have a routine of discipline and a resolve to FINISH that motivate my progress. But this week, I am reminded about the power of meditation. I took time beyond my normal routine to seek an additional level of clarity. Rather than focusing on my strength, encouragement, and comfort, I focused on my limitations, my failures, and my incompletes.

I had no interest in the pity and disappointment. I was resetting my meditative routine to remember my need. It is that necessity, as the cliche suggests, that is the mother of invention. I sat with a simple question, “What is first?” The reflection revealed a need to change my approach. I gained a renewed strength in clarifying the next step. I gained encouragement through clarified priorities. I gained comfort in knowing that my supports are reliable.

This week, I offer you 5 revelations that resulted from my meditation: hope, openness, belief, effort, and process. May your stores of second chances be as infinite as your ability to recognize your limits. Prioritize what matters, but also prioritize what is most important. Do it now!

1. Infinite Hope
Disappointment is as finite as your hope is infinite. There is just something about looking on the bright side and seeing the silver lining. It is often a way to find new directions and a way forward. Keep your eyes open. Watch for the opportunity. Only have your head down when looking to check your footing.

2. Openness to Change
It’s a willingness to be wrong. That is why it is difficult for some. Certainty in this moment must give way to new information and new action in the next moment. This is the process of learning. After all, that’s the point. This existence is about changing and creating change through learning and sharing knowledge. If you ever question that fact, consider how you arrived where you currently are. Consider what is needed for your success with the next opportunity. Learn. Evolve. Now, you know success.

3. Belief in You
People often focus on humility and concern about conceitedness. I’m much more concerned that you develop a sustainable sense of your own value, opportunity, and purpose. I know when you are there because you walk with intention. When faced with life, you engage. If it gives you something you did not expect, you adjust. You may question the logic or the personalities in the process, but you always know the end result. You know because you know YOU. You will persevere. That means you will continue to make progress.

4. Repeated Effort
Continuing is success. I can’t repeat it enough. One of my favorite calculations conveys that 1 page written every 2 days yields 180 pages in 1 year. Just keep going. You will get there. Release yourself from the imposing and somewhat overwhelming stature of the finished product. Only work consistently to finish. You put the repetition in, and let time do what it always does. Repetition plus time multiplies output.

5. Success as Process
Daily. How often? When do I start? What’s the schedule? The trick I learned a few years ago is a habit that many (surprisingly) do not engage. First thing in the morning, do what is most important to you. When your feet touch the floor for the first time each day, spend 20 minutes on what matters most. You will not be disappointed. If you wait until later, you are revealing that it is not as important. That’s okay, but understand that your choice creates the chance. Chance is the foundation of the change. Create more change through your intentional choices.