MAWMonday Motivators 07/31/2016

dissertationboostIt’s the beginning of another “back-to-school” season. Just about every school primary, secondary, and higher education will begin classes this month. That makes this month second only to January in the sense of new beginnings. It’s also a political season. As a result, the sensitive needs of education, infrastructure, and future leadership are palpable as well. Through all of this, your motivation is at once personal and a coordinated connection with community. A ladder you climb while leading others to climb as well.

Twitter offers thoughts that instruct your connection. Listen and apply your best. It’s time to get back to school–back to the learning after a Summer of vacation and relaxing thoughts.

1. Make a Difference.
The vacation season teaches one thing vividly as it ends. Today is all that matters. Enjoy it. Recognize how today impacts each day after it. Balance the idea of future planning and past learning with present mindfulness. One of the best ways to accomplish this balance is to take the opportunity to make a definitive difference. It could be something you change about you. It could be a gesture to make the way easier for someone else. Whatever it is, take the opportunity.

2. Go through It.
Learning has anxiety and struggle built into the mix. If you don’t know something, it is going to be challenging at first. Only through learning more, attempting, and engaging will you find practice that makes perfect. Understand that you are going to resist the challenge at first. We humans are not in the habit of being embarrassed and made to feel inadequate. We resist those feelings. Yet, if you reframe toward a posture of learning and resolve to pay more attention to the lessons as opposed to the embarrassment, you will reap benefits just like other systems and procedures you have mastered. Know. Grow. Go.

3. Keep Going.
It never ends. But, that’s what you wanted. Success is not a destination. Success is a state of consistent climbing. This is why it is so important that your success be planned according to your enjoyment and satisfaction from the beginning of your journey. As you visit each station at new levels with each round, you revisit the joy of progress in the areas you love to explore. You feel that familiar pull of uncertainty. You match it with your stores of motivation and desire to learn. You push forward through doors of resistance and walls of exhaustion. You keep going because this is the existence–a function of will.

4. Develop Daily.
Giftedness is a personal trait that lives as potential until it is shared in community. The question of giftedness is a daily question of influence, dissemination, and sharing. It is why I am often heard proclaiming that “Awesome people will always write.” The wisdom, encouragement, and life that awesome people live everyday will be recorded for future generations to benefit from. It is remarkable how the recording takes place. Some recognize and write themselves. Others are unaware that their interactions are recorded by others. Whether or not you realize it, your awesomeness is influencing others. You disseminate every day through your living. You share of yourself whether you intend to or not.

5. Have No Regrets.
No regrets. The question is about time. It may be an illusion, but we measure time. Time for relationships, time for work, time for rest, and time for recreation. We wonder continually whether we are making the best choices in response to the time we are allotted. We wear ourselves out attempting to give time relative to the requests of each of our duties and obligations. The happiest among us give time according to their priorities. They focus on what really matters. They release themselves from the structures of time in those instances. They schedule the other duties, not to ensure their attention, but to limit their impact. In the end of each day (read as opportunity), the happiest among us find themselves fed by their priorities, satisfied with their choices, confirmed in their duties. They have no regrets. Be like the happiest among us.