MAWMonday Motivators 08/02/2015

Four-Seasons-Tree1Summer ends for those of us who have children of school age. It’s also a transition period for everyone, even those without children. Traffic to and from school creates a new flow within cities. School hours will now be characterized by a conspicuous absence of school-age actors from malls, burger joints, and community parks. Even though the leaves have not yet begun to fall, the next two weeks are a season of change for many. I offer some encouragement for this period of change and the next season approaching. Make this your most productive season. Do this because it is time that your vision came to fruition. It is time that your creativity produced a product. It is time for your wrestling, restlessness, and wrangling to pay off.

1. Focus on Completion.
Vision is great, but execution is all anyone ever sees. How about less structure and more focus. Less scaffolding to support creativity, and more insistence to support finishing.

2. Patience, Persistence, Perspiration
You have waited. You have maintained the vision. It’s time to ad the sweat equity. Just like that work out, lift the weight through the inclination to quit, and do it all again until the work out yields results.

3. Persevere
You are not where you thought you would be, or where you wish. But, you’re not done. Don’t give up. Perseverance is the sure way to win. Outlast you fears. Outlast their doubts. You believe in your vision. Now, produce the evidence that was once only your dream.

4. Believe Regardless
This is the main point of innovation. Only you will see it. I am always surprised at the famous and the brilliant who are not creators. They can produce according to specifications, but they cannot create from nothing. You have the ability to create where nothing existed. Realize that no one will, they can’t, see your vision until it is complete. They will accept it as common in time. But, now you will have to carry the weight of the vision, encouragement, and the  focus.

5. Attend to Your Health
It will be tempting to fall into line, to conform to their ideal. But, challenge yourself beyond obstinance and resistance to authority. Use that energy to manifest your vision. Show them with tangible products and replicable designs. Build the prototype to the point where you no longer need their investment or approval. Then, you will have more investment than you can handle.