MAWMonday Motivators 08/14/2016

Vivacious beautiful African American woman holding a megaphone in her hand gesturing at the camera with an excited animated expression

Being in Reno has challenged my openness to the vibrations of others. Long-time residents have confirmed my feeling that Nevadans in Reno are “more closed” compared to other parts of the country. As a nosey, every-day psychoanalyst, people strike me as “over-protected.” What surprised me was my turmoil over how best to engage. The best advice I received was, “Don’t change.” I don’t know if there was a danger of that, but I thought it was a great reminder for me and you.

Twitter agrees, as always. So, continue to live your life in ways that give you joy. Continue to live out loud. For those of you who focus on protecting yourself, playing small, and staying safe, I will keep encouraging you by example.

1. Live Out Loud
Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, you are daily painting a portrait, a landscape, and an abstract. Make sure the portrait is an honest representation of you. Make sure your landscape encourages and motivates you no matter where you physically are. Make sure your abstract invokes the feelings and attracts the experiences that you want for your life. No use playing small and denying the gallery you own. We see it whether you hide it or put it on display.

2. Explore Possibilities
It’s funny that a routine is a routine whether it promotes well-being or not. You can be in a rut of routine that does not service your desires or your goals. But, it services your comfort. To move beyond it would be to change, to endure a situation of uncertainty. That’s a tall order for most of us. But, the alternative–embracing the unknown–is an exploration with a tremendous upside. You could play it safe, but you already know that safe will not satisfy you.

3. Resist Small Minds
Speaking of playing it safe, the decision to explore beyond your comfort zone can be complicated by small mindedness spoken, practiced, and reinforced by people around you. The solution is in your mindset. You resist small minds in your sphere of influence by becoming the influence. It’s mind powers. Realize that you have two safety controls. First, to explore the possibilities in your mind, collecting information, and learning about techniques and potential outcomes allows for review of multiple options. Take some time to explore mentally first. Second, you can decide based on the pros and cons of changing. Determine that moment when your need for safety is overwhelmed by the realization that the status quo (your routine) will never yield the results you desire.

4. Only Compete With Yourself
Collaboration is a third safety control beyond mental review and a firm need to change. You don’t have to do anything alone. In fact, grand success is never achieved alone. Rather than seeing others as your competition, observe them as lessons. Engage them as consultants. Review them for patterns. Look at yourself. Manage your skills and activities. Improve your mindfulness. Allow greatness to flow.

5. Own YOUR Joy
The measure of your joy is the life that it affords. Visually, I can see smiles and a spring in your step. I can hear positivity and encouragement in your conversation. Believe it or not, I can feel a sense of optimism and opportunity vibrating from your person. Allow your joy to energize you toward recognition of a grand life and continued vibrational health.