MAWMonday Motivators 08/16/2015

doubt-faith-copyI outlined a book for a client this week. One of the chapters discussed doubt as the most detrimental tool working against your success. More than procrastination, fear, and writer’s block. Doubt may be the source of them all. Some mistake questioning for doubt. Questions are appropriate and important to your continued growth. It is the answer that tells us whether you will progress or not.

This week, I provide a number of questions and discuss the answers that propel you forward. Continue to ask questions. Continue to move forward step by step. Climb as if life were a staircase. Questions at one step. Answers on the next riser. Climb to that next level. Answer the questions with curiosity, perseverance, certainty, enjoyment, and authenticity.

1. What is my Purpose?
I enjoy answering this question for people. Your purpose is tied to your preoccupation. The transformation is to convert fascination to focus, reflectiveness to reason, curiosity to courage. Find the sustainable way to do what you love every moment of your existence. Start with a clear goal. Next, figure out how you can do it as much as you want without interruption. If anyone can find a way, you will. It is yours.

2. What Separates You?
Please understand that you are unique. You may have found that your book title has already been published. Your app idea is already in the store. You may feel like there is nothing else to be invented. But, what separates you is that you will not stop there. You will continue to climb the mountain of inventions and attempts. You will sort, ready, research, and study. You will persevere where others have long given up. That’s the land of uniqueness, a small club of people who put in the time and effort.

3. How Long Will it Take?
Your perseverance necessarily leads to the question of time. How long? Not as long as it will if you stop moving. I have an activity for you. Think back to 4 years ago. What if you were consistent starting then? What if you knew then what you know now? Rather than lamenting the past, apply the lessons in this moment. I can promise you that your goals are closer than they were a moment ago. I am certain because you are learning to move, not worrying about the time, but making the best use of the time.

4. Are You Too Serious?
Perhaps one of the most important questions to ask yourself. A friend asked me why I was always so serious. I thought about it for a second. I don’t even think of myself as serious. It reminded me to review how much I was enjoying the journey.

The good news is that I’m enjoying the journey tremendously. The best advice given is to focus on what really matters. I excel, I challenge myself, I work hard in order to be an example. I live authentically, share openly, and speak frankly to give permission. I leave not joy uncovered to give more joy in return. At the end, have no regrets.

opportunitydoor5. Will You Lose Yourself?
I often tell clients, don’t change anything about yourself. Become your best self. The process is not a changing of who you are, but an integration of the real you into the opportunities that you create. Those opportunities come because of who you are. As you move within them, you develop and grow. You experience a greater sense of self and a confidence in spite of the obstacles and insistence on conformity. That best you is inferior to the better you as you develop level by level. Level UP!