MAWMonday Motivators 08/21/2016

#MAWMondayMotivators is about inspiring you toward your best. In the midst of my #17days of #allowing, I’m learning that inspiration is not just about doing and how hard you can work yourself. It’s a lesson that has greater meaning as I get older. It’s a lesson that fits well with focusing on what really matters. At the end of the work, you must face questions about your living. Did you live? If you’re unsure about your answer, take some time for self-examination. If you can’t point to your greatest love, if you can’t touch your greatest creation, if you can’t rest with your truth clearly stated, let’s do something different.

This week, and every week really, I’ll tell you how. Twitter chimes in with some wisdom. It’s up to you to allow, attract, and expect the change to happen.

1. One Person Can Change Your Life
Surprise, the person is you. I think most people are challenged by the reality of their own power, ability, and responsibility. You have the power to create the reality you live within. Circumstances don’t tell you how to feel. Situations don’t control your mood. You control all of you. You have the ability to build the knowledge, skill, and values that set you apart and set you up. You can learn, fail quickly, rest, and return. You can allow and attract your best. You have the responsibility to be your best self. You can influence others and bring light to every experience. You make the difference. You are the secret ingredient.

2. Turn Dreaming into Living
Big Sean rapped in a song, “Imagined this so much some nights it felt like that I had it.” And, this is the formula. With the imagination engaged fully, begin to walk and take action. Not just the achievement, the getting, the working but also the allowing, the attraction, and the expectation. This life IS the joy you have been looking for. It will get better, but better is in the midst of the joy you find at this moment. Understand, each moment that you find joy is a moment of practice and experience of joy.

3. Expect Your Best to Occur
Allowing, attraction, and expectation is not just a state of mind or an approach to your daily life. It is the “way it works.” It is the operation of the universe. Life is an amazing serendipity, ordered by natural laws, completely dependent upon your choices. These compound paradoxes and contradictions are what makes life worth the journey. Consider that you have two basic options: Live life with great expectations or Live life wanting. You fill in the blanks. You explain what it means. Expect your best and beyond.

4. Build Windows, Ladders, and No Ceilings
When you put your thoughts on paper, your hammer to nails, your engagement to relationships, build beauty, love, and life. More figuratively, focus your architecture beyond walls. Go beyond what is meant to keep you safe, closed in, separate. Consider that life is more than a house of stone, wood frame, and plaster. Life is about safety but also experience. Life has closed and certain components but also open options that depend on your preferences. Life has separation of roles but also a richness found in the combination of opportunities. The truth is that your life is the home you build for yourself. Forget the ceilings.

5. Listen to the Wisdom Inside You
Living by natural law includes listening to the messages that you receive for all areas of life. It is important that you give yourself ample time to listen. Create a routine of listening, and a practice of quieting your mind. Find the space daily to allow the answers to present themselves. If you are sick and given medicine, you finish the course in order to regain your health. As you live, take your medicine of mental health and gain mindfulness.