MAWMonday Motivators 08/23/2015

#mind #vision #smile

Another week of breakthroughs, clarifying my vision into action steps. I am writing with a confidence only 3 years of blogging can engender. I am bolstered by a certainty that can only result from the experience of having achieved, completed, and failed over and over again. I am realizing my energy and how I attract what comes to me. I am being more intentional about the business model including the costs and the projected revenue. I am engaging partners seeking firm commitments or rejections I can learn from. It feels amazing because I know the ending of this story, and I’m enjoying the ride along.

jimcarreyAnd into this space, Jim Carrey’s May 24, 2014 commencement address to the Maharishi University of Management drops. Social media provides an opportunity for providence. Funny that I had not seen this video for the year it has been available online. I invite you to read the FULL SPEECH and be inspired even beyond today’s motivation. The quote that many are repeating is half-way through the speech. The quote that begins your motivation for today focuses on the mental discipline of walking…through open doors:

Your job is not to figure out how it’s going to happen for you, but to open the door in your head and when the doors open in real life, just walk through it. Don’t worry if you miss your cue. There will always be another door opening. They keep opening.

1. Train Your Mind
It has already been put to meme that to be happy you must think that you are happy. Happy, according to wise memes, is not something you find. Happiness is a state of being. And, it’s true. Your mind is a powerful star. Consider its properties just like any other star. It provides light. It has a gravitational pull. It flares and wanes. It will eventually burn out. Train yours to shine with light for others to follow. Don’t worry if you are too bright or giving off too much heat. Be you, consistently…Brilliantly.

meditation-rocks2. Have the Courage to Risk This is the quote from Jim Carrey’s speech that I have seen the most. Someone condensed the 25 minute speech into one minute including this quote. It is indeed powerful. Love or Fear is what Mr. Carrey asks you to choose between. Either way, you could fail. And, there again is wisdom you have heard over and over again. I will attempt to say it in a new way. Failure or success is not the point of life. The journey is what matters. It is not a fear of failure that constrains us. It is a fear of living each day as the only person to blame for our choices. Choose what you love, and find responsibility and empowered satisfaction within what others see as blame.

3. Plant More Roses
Beauty does not just happen. Granted it seems that way in visually-preoccupied circles. Beauty seems a mistake of a few centimeters or genetic predisposition. The truth is that you create beauty.

Think about it this way. Take a blank sheet of paper. Look at it long enough looking for the beauty, and you will find its simplicity, its cleanliness, its usefulness as beautiful. Now, use your talent on the paper. Draw, write, fold, stack, or shred the paper according to your expertise. You create beauty. Imagine what other materials become beautiful as a result of your interaction.

meditation024. Live More I cannot list all the outcomes I have already experienced while living more. This lifestyle is for you. It will give you more peace, satisfaction, and energy. Find the joy in every interaction. Not just the situation, the interaction. Engage with the people and the topics that give you life. Don’t just look on the bright side, live on that side. Refuse the cloudy, stressed, and hateful. Reside in bliss knowing that living in bliss is the certain way to experience bliss.

5. Smile About You
And, it is YOU. The phrase that rang in my mind this week: YOU ARE ENOUGH. There is nothing more you need to do, think, or be. You are enough. Think about you. Consider your flaws, your quirks, your voice, your gait, your favorite phrases, your mistakes, your vices, your whims, your wastes, your investments. Consider your every characteristic until you find something that makes you smile. Hang on to that thing. Find others. Rehearse those smile motivators over and again. They open the doors of your mind. And, when the doors open in real life, they motivate you to walk through grinning.