MAWMonday Motivators 08/28/2016

ripplewaterSchool is in across the country. Whether you are in an institution under the auspices of the department of education or not, you are in for a lesson. I’m excited for the opportunity to learn more about me and the universe I reside in. I’m excited to spend more time on what really matters. I’m excited to create an environment of collaboration.

This week, let’s get ready for the learning that we initiate right now. Twitter is with me. You come along as well.

1. Mental Health & Physical
Just as the tweet communicates, your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Both are the focus of many these days. If you have not developed a habit of intentionally addressing both, you need to. Your physical health includes nutrition, activity, and reducing exposure to toxins. Even beyond looking your best, mental and physical health attention can improve your rest cycles, help to manage stress responses, increase energy efficiency, and even improve relationships. Take some time to discover what can work for you.

2. Energy Discernment
Energy is something that you need to understand. You have it. You sense it. With practice, you can control it. In its simplest form, it is choice and reactions. As an advanced ability, energy can attract and repel other energy signatures. As you grow your understanding and ability, you will benefit from an awareness of self that includes the ability to distinguish between your energy and the energy of others. This is the beginning of control. When you desire to maintain positivity and attract love, you must be able to manage your mood. Part of managing your mood is refusing any negative vibes from your environment. With discernment, you can decide whether you want to take responsibility for actively influencing the environment.

3. Everyday Meaning
You must find meaning in the everyday. I will make it easy for you though. Love is the point of all life. Most people think that you have to find it–love, happiness, success, money, fame. But, you don’t find it. In your infancy, you make it. As you mature, you attract it. As your mindfulness expands, you realize that the living and the love are one and the same. Making that connection, allowing that connection, is the meaning for everyday.

4. Perception
Have you completely integrated this advice into your life? Good and bad don’t really work for the mature sense of meaning. Plus, your perception is powerful enough to create the context for a reaction to what happens. Perception is also powerful enough to create what happens. My only disagreement with this tweet is that you don’t make it bad or good. You make it what it is. Outside of time and sequence, consider that the power of creation is absolute. The result of attraction is transformative. Your perception determines what is. No need for dichotomous descriptors. Life. Love. That’s it.

5. Waves
The human ripple. It is the mental, discernment, meaning, and the perception in total that creates the foundation of the human ripple. This is the ability to influence your environment and the people around you. Create vibrations today and everyday through your intentional life. It has been communicated in other ways. Make a splash. Make waves. Rock the boat. Get outside the box. But, it is just as effectively communicated in the wave analogy. Just make life and love happen.