MAWMonday Motivators 08/30/2015

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This weeek, I’m thinking about all the bad advice I have been given over 40 years of life. I have learned to explore even the dark feelings to maintain a keen sense of the light. It is with that in mind that I provide tweets this week that could be interpreted as dark and wrong-headed. Yet, when you read more closely un-phased by a past of bad advice, dualistic thinking, and safety-seeking, you find that they are words to live by.

My advice to you: Get all you want. Be selfish. Be self-centered. Gift yourself. Quit. I know each seems to fly in the face of what you have been told over your lifetime. But, that’s only because you stopped reading before the lesson got good. And, if you have ever been told any of these as advice, I will, along with my twitter friends, explain what was meant. Keep reading.

1. Get All You Want
This phrase makes me think of potlucks, when everyone brings a dish and someone anoints themselves “keeper of the bounty.” That’s what I call the person who lords over the food attempting to ensure that everyone gets some. I’m going to get more salad than anyone because I don’t eat meat. Can you please not limit me? [Can you tell I’m not a fan of potlucks?]

This tweet gives the blessing on getting all that you want. Appreciate all that you have. And I would add, have joy in what really counts. Such a blessing has the same effect as a prayer over 5 loaves and 2 fishes. There will be baskets of leftovers.

2. Selfish
It’s time. That answer can be given to many questions. What’s your most valuable resource? When should I get started? What stands between me and my destiny. Funny then that we waste it, or even hurry it along. Two quick exercises: 1) At multiple times throughout the day, guess what time it is. Look at the actual time on a clock. Then, account for what you did since the last time you checked the time. 2) Map out each hour of your day on a sheet of paper. List times from 6:00am to 10:00pm at hour increments. Based on your toDo, wish, and haveTo lists, write in what task will be done at what time. This is being more selfish with time. Account for it, and value it according to the goals you want to achieve.

3. Self-Centered
It is you who needs the changing first. This quote is real. You are not going to outsmart the world. You are going to recondition yourself for greater endurance, discipline, self-motivation, love, joy, and genuine appreciation. You will inspire others. That small beginning will change the world.

4. Gift Yourself
It is one of my most effective ways to motivate myself when I don’t want to work on projects. I envision my tomorrow and the relief and freedom waiting if I would just put in 20 minutes right now. That 20 minutes never fails to provide joy for tomorrow. I have also been aware that I am more relaxed from that moment on. That internal reminder nagging you not to forget can be silenced by completing the task now.

5. Quit
What you are right now is only a small measure of what you are becoming. Enjoy each and every step. But, don’t get too comfortable at any one level, with any one achievement, with any one experience. Your success is a continual experience, evolving to express the reality of what you have wished for. Stay active in that revelation. It will include a great deal of, and even painful, letting go. But, the results are better than you dreamed.

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