MAWMonday Motivators 09/04/2016

Positive-Outlook-On-Life-620x377I am practicing positivity. You should too. Did you respond with “Yes?” If not, try again. I promise you can change your life! I could list the results I have seen over the last 9 months, but I will not. If I did, I would share an experience just like yours. Ups, downs, questions, frustrations, answers, and breakthroughs. My hope is that you will adopt my approach. No matter what, expect life to work to your advantage.

Join me, and live with less stress concerning what may be. Live with more enjoyment of what is. Twitter has some wisdom this week as always. Keep reading and recharge your positivity engine.

1. Educate Me
As opposed to the name calling and vitriol, how about informing the person you don’t agree with? It’s just about the easiest way to identify a person who is not interested in constructive dialogue. Those who begin with name calling and belittling reduce the potential conversation to meaningless insults. The question is whether you desire dialogue or not. A discussion involves questions and a search for understanding. Assertions are supported with verifiable facts. At the advanced level, both parties are willing to be wrong.

2. Open Your Mind
Speaking of education, where did people get the idea that education, knowledge, or wisdom was “knowing everything.” True wisdom is the ability to reserve judgment and listen, review, search, and research. Life requires decisiveness in moments, but learning is continuous. You will be faced with choices, and you must make them. But, when faced with a decision, open minds consider the evidence and information. That openness maintains the opportunity for growth.

3. Choose Your Breakthrough
Speaking of choices, you have a choice. The brilliant poetry of life is that your choice makes all the difference. It informs your perspective, your sense of self, your perseverance, your sight. Keep choosing to see the positive, the opportunity, the best that is now and yet to come.

4. Positivity is Fuel
I don’t know if you know it or not. The only way you would be in the dark about the power of positivity is if you have not tried it. Try it. No matter what the situation seems to be, trust that it is working to your advantage. Challenge the people around you to speak positive and supportive phrases–about everything–in your presence. It is your fuel. It is motivation for every activity and sustenance for the long run.

5. Keep it Simple
And, it’s that simple. Just take a moment to review how you interact with people. Take some time to listen to how you commune with yourself. Practice saying what you mean. Practice being kind. Find authenticity in that practice. Don’t ever let it, whatever it is, go unsaid or undone. You will live, this way, with no regrets.