MAWMonday Motivators 09/06/2015

#laborDay #mondayMotivation

It’s still a Monday, but it is a day to celebrate that we have holidays, weekends, 401K, sick leave, and more negotiated through strong unions and collective bargaining. It’s a reminder of our power when we stand united in communication with corporations who often have influence beyond our reckoning. It’s also a day to remember both that 1) not everyone enjoys the benefits of union representation, decent pay, or even job security; and 2) a dream, a team, and the right timing could result in you as the boss. My goal today is to motivate both empathy and you continued drive toward employing others.

1. Write Your Ownership Story
I am always inspired (Yes, that’s the word) by the choice of a successful entrepreneur or author as a keynote speaker. I have sat through my fair share of horrible presentations delivered by great captains of industry. Truth is, being a multi-millionaire doesn’t make you a motivational speaker. Go figure. But, these successes continue to be requested and flocked to because they have built a narrative through their activity. They have secured a place at the table because they produced. They may have defied all the advice every proffered. They may dress in jeans and hoodies, but they have succeeded. And, that story precedes them, opening doors in its wake.


2. Stick to the Decision
It’s a common story you hear of moguls and super-millionaires and billionaires. They were offered a pittance. They refused. “They became wealthy beyond their dreams.” First of all, the wealth was not beyond their dreams. That’s why they knew the first offer was below market value. Second, each of these stories can be counter-pointed with a story of a guy who sold a million dollar idea for a sandwich and a soft drink. Trust me when I tell you that you will only have your vision and your decision to see it through at some point in the process. I don’t know what your financial fortunes hold, but I do know that the consolation prize for veering from your decision won’t even amount to a complete lunch.

3. Stay Focused
So many give this advice, but the reality is that there is so much to grab your attention. Not just obstacles and distractions, but new ideas, alternative directions, cool projects, and unexpected opportunities. Take the idea, the opportunity, the coolness and attempt to fit it into your vision. Now, project the revenue stream. Calculate how many barter, social capital, and access transactions occur before you receive financial compensation at the level of your worth. If the opportunity requires more than 3 transactions before pay-off, and your current state is living solely on your free lance, say No. You have other priorities. Get back to that opportunity after your children are fed.

4. Get More Focused
I have been there. Even after the admonition above, you make excuses (or valid reasons) to prioritize other things above your business model. I get it. But, do not be surprised when you are behind where you planned to be. You fix this in two steps. Step one, think of giving up. Yes. Consider dropping your dream altogether or delaying it over and over again until it ceases to be valid. This is what you are doing now whether you admit it or not. Make a firm decision. Step two, refresh your awareness of your business model. Post your revenue streams or uncover them from the other things on your vision board. Retrace how you planned to get to those revenue streams. Re-prioritize your daily habits to align with that vision. Say No more often, even to your own rationalizations. Go back to free time after your children are fed.

5. Find A Better Way
Take it however you need to today. Listen to me and implement the ideas and follow the counsel. Or, find a better way. Advance in your current employ. Climb the corporate ladder. Mentor and succeed. Or, find a better way. Take it all in. Find your best path. Change and evolve along the way. Continue knowing that the experience is the success. Stay motivated by searching every day for a better way.