MAWMonday Motivators 09/13/2015

With the passing of labor day, all schools have not entered the Fall session. It got me thinking about this time of year and the value of education. I’m often asked, “Dr. Wright, Should I go back to school?” I answer No…Unless the experience will result in increased competence, confidence, network, and communication skills. Anything else is not needed.

This week, twitter quoted the progression of self-development that begins with education. I offer the progression as motivation for you. Value what really matters. Climb to higher heights. Evolve to be extraordinary. Realize your superpower. And, while you are getting everything else, get up and get an understanding.

1. Aim of Education
And, what is the aim of your activity. You will gain knowledge. But, that knowledge will necessarily be buried under new understandings as you build the structure of learning and self-development that is wisdom. Each nugget of knowledge is golden, but each experience of character, each ethic and each principle that inspires productive activity is the goal of reason.

2. Leap of Faith
In order to get to the next rung on the ladder, you must leave the familiarity of your current perch. Your current position appears as more stable ground, but it alas is just another rung on the ladder. The same as any other step. It is time for you to reach toward that next level. Load up with the energy. Push against that ground. Do what seems scary with your eyes wide open.

3. Preparation for Extraordinary
And what happens is that you evolve from ordinary to extraordinary. It is a function of practice, direction, and sheer force of will. You will look up one day from your experience of ordinary and realize that your practice has made simple what others have trouble with. Your direction has increased the certainty that you will hit any target at which you aim. Your will carries with it endurance, resilience, and a strength of character that attracts every good thing.

4. Confidence in Your Powers
Humility is important to gathering your team, but confidence is critical for leading your team. It is reasonable to have both. You know happiness is a choice. Learn that this is the superpower–the ability to choose. Consider how many have been saddened because they were forced into a decision they felt no power to control. You now stand able to make the decision for yourself. Gather the best information. Review all available options. Then, utilize that superpower to make your dreams come true.

Tricks-to-Waking-Up-in-the-Morning-01-pg-full5. Commitment to Getting Up
Every day of work and productivity threatens to exhaust you to slumber. But, take your rest and rise each morning to make your investment once again. The day will drain you, but keep getting up. One day, you’ll rise to the results of your labor, the return on your investment, the benefits of your mechanism.