MAWMonday Motivators 09/18/2016

My favorite part about being a coach is the product–what my clients produce. Second to that fave is the moment when a client realizes that their product is possible. I sometimes laugh at myself because the search for this reward gets me into some strange conversations judging by the looks I get. I not only believe you can do it–whatever it is. I know the HOW. Believe it or not, the hardest part of my job is convincing you.

27659-manthinking-doubts-questions-1200w-tnThis week, I’m asking you to help me out. Know you. Believe the impossible. And, trust the process. Anything is possible. More specifically, what you want is probable, if you can just let go of the doubt.

1. Know Yourself
I’m convinced that most people only know what they have heard about themselves. I am always surprised when beautiful, talented, intelligent, accomplished, and natural people second guess themselves. I don’t expect cockiness or bravado, but I am taken aback by the lack of confidence–that denial of ability even though they have done it before. It’s a hesitance, an over-explanation, an uncertainty that reminds me of my gift. It is hard for me to resist. I often find myself attempting and failing to hold back my “Universal Law & Behavioral Intervention” speech ending with the sharing of my card. I accept that you may not be able to do it yourself. But, I refuse to believe that you can’t learn more about you.

2. Know What’s Important to You
I had a talk with my daughter today. I asked her whether she wanted to live on campus or live at home for college. “It depends on the cost,” she replied. My heart sank. “That’s not what I’ve taught you,” I interjected. “The first consideration is ‘What do you want.'” I went on to remind her of the fact that her knowledge of her preference creates the energy. The energy is a vibration. The vibration of her preference makes the outcome more probable regardless of other factors. The same is true for you. Be decisive. You may not get everything you want, but don’t allow your uncertainty to be the limiter.

3. Get Help
Simply stated, you don’t have to do it by yourself. But, what most people have trouble with is my next statement. You should not do it by yourself. What’s more. Find and develop collaborations toward only doing the parts of the project that you love. It is possible. That don’t all have to be friends. That won’t all be long-term. But, realize that help is available. Also, consider your weaknesses by your collaborator’s strengths. You can get more done, but you can also complete what once seemed impossible.

4. Teach Others
The next step after achievement is to share. But, this tweet is not about sharing your process. It is about setting the standard about how you want to be treated. I recently had a conversation with a contractor. Before we sealed the deal, I told him that my only requirement was that he be positive. We told him our time frame, and he instinctively responded, “That’s never going to happen.” I reminded him that he was in breach of contract. We didn’t pay him for the job. In fact, we didn’t pay for the job at all. We got exactly what we wanted, within our time frame, without paying. That’s the power of being positive. Don’t require yourself to figure out how it’s going to happen. Don’t allow others to tell you that it cannot be done.

5. You Got This
What’s in a breath? Encouragement, collaboration, opportunity, positivity in. Negativity, failure, island behavior, and discouragement out. You can do this. Truth is, you have been doing it all this time. Keep shining.