MAWMonday Motivators 09/20/2015

rowboatYou set your heart on something that you wanted to achieve. You put in the time to plan and schedule your success. You have produced a bit. You have experienced some success. But, your momentum is hampered because you’re smart enough to know the length of the road ahead. Respect is not enough. A large network was never your goal. Sales are great. But, your goal is to reach the other side of the ocean. A place where your pace no longer depends on how fast you paddle.

It is difficult to see just how close you are to your goal. But, let’s try this. Look behind you for a moment. You can’t see the shore you left any more. If you’re honest, you can’t even consider turning back. Back before you got the degree. Back when you were renting. Back when you bought the cheapest food no matter how it impacted your health. You are not going backward. And, I can promise you that you will continue to succeed.

This week I offer support to all the captains. Keep pushing that row boat until you can invest in a motor. Run that motor until you can trade on your yacht. Remember, it never was the size of the boat you were in this for. You are in this for the destination. Enjoy the journey more. Following are some reminders for your trip.

1. Your Why
Reflect on why you began in the first place. How much of what you want can you have now? Not the finish line, but the calm and quiet satisfaction of rising each morning and putting in time to intentionally achieve. You have taken your life out of the hands of fate and happenstance. You have controlled what you can control: YOU. You do not know what the future holds specifically, but you know how you will respond to every step. You will meet it with that genuine smile, and the expectation that it will work to your advantage.

2. Systems of Culture
Culture is founded on certain expectations. Systems of culture expect through levels, interactions, and across time. Uncertainty is nothing new in your experience. But, realize that you increases your endurance, your patience, and your experience. Whatever is coming, make sure you account brilliantly for the time you waited. The difference is still YOU. No matter your quirks, your expectation will carry the day.

3. Small Steps
As a writer and publisher, I know the value of 100 words against white paper–one paragrasph. It takes about 4 minutes to type in the computer. I don’t concern myself with 25,000 words. I only focus on the next 100. I find my 4 minutes when I can. I type my 100 when I’m able. I drop my contribution into the bucket regularly until, one day, I realize 25,530 words. Every 100 made 25,350 possible.

yacht4. From Foolishness
Some put a lot of focus on refusing foolishness. It is increasingly more difficult in our world. Rather than defending against foolishness, learn, self-develop, and become wise. The path winds through vulnerability, risk, and some loneliness, but it opens to reveal a matrix of foolishness, half-truths, and distraction. Wisdom is also there, but realize that wisdom begins with the ability to discern you. The question is never how much lower can they base themselves, but how much higher you can build.

5. Beautiful Dreams
You could give up. But, that would only mean that you would turn a blind eye to your ability. Truth is, you were made for this. It is as much a part of you as DNA and genetic code. You are going to express your gift whether you see it as enjoyment or not. Beauty continues to be within your reach whether you attempt blind folds or not. May your every waking moment be eyes wide open to just how close you are with each step to bringing your vision from the realm of dreams to your reality.