MAWMonday Motivators 09/25/2016

c4b932f9-d17e-459d-a613-b00932c1443fCould it be that life is at once a totally individualized challenge to achieve AND a collaborative, help-seeking opportunity to pay it forward? It could also be that life is neither. The only certainty is that you have a choice. What you may not realize and put into daily practice is that you impact your reality with each choice. You choose. And, it is a challenge. It will seem that you are denying the frustrations and struggle of right now, but it’s more beautiful than that. You choose to see the learning and the progress of right now, not relying on feeling, but trusting in a resilient vision. It all works out because you expect it to work out.

I chose some quotes form Twitter to emphasize my point. I’m not saying that your way is all roses. I’m just encouraging you to work as if certain that you will smell roses again.

1. Your Mind Decides
I’m a broken record when it comes to the power of the mind. Realize that your brain can do some amazing things through chemical reactions especially in connection with the inputs available to it. But, your mind is an entirely different animal. It takes the physical information and reactions from the brain and adds memory, perception, and faith to create horizons that the physical can only approximate. If you have not exercised this ability, you should. If you have ever been ill or dizzy or asleep, you know a bit of the power of the mind. Harness, practice this power to create the world you want to see. The physical world will follow suit.

2. Find What Really Matters
I don’t know how old you are, but I love to see people who are over 70. I have two resonant thoughts when I see these elders. First, I am encouraged at the possibility of living to that age. I feel that I have some time to turn this ship in a sustainable direction. Second, I am reminded that I will spend my remaining years on the earth doing, loving, speaking life such that I will be proud of every moment. Creating relationships, limiting emotional drains, enjoying family and friends, exploring the new, and honoring the day-to-day. I want to succeed at what really matters.

3. Be Good For Something
For what? That’s the question. With the voices of the world blaring 24/7, I have two goals: 1) Find quiet. 2) Find peace. Seemingly the same, but totally different. Quiet is the goal to find space to evaluate my contribution to the world through the lens of my values, capability, and vision. Quiet is a chance to ask myself the tough questions. Am I doing enough to bring good to the world? Peace is the goal to influence through who I am and what I choose. Peace is the realization that others are watching. Even your critics and combatants are impacted by your actions and reactions. Both quiet and peace are exercises in being You regardless of the voices.

4. Choose Your Capability
Your capability…I will admit that you can’t do everything. But, thankfully, that’s not the requirement. I like to encourage a reaching. Reach just past what you thought you could do. If that becomes easy, reach again. Keep reaching until you are convinced that you need help. Then, reach for that help. More tasks will become common within your capability, even with help. Keep reaching until you find that thing that you want to keep doing over and over. Reach to discover how to make a living from that activity. It’s a choice. Choose your capability. REACH your potential, and make it momentum.

5. Have Confidence
Confidence always makes me think of beauty. Personal beauty is the easiest way to communicate the empathy, respect, and commonality of the human condition. Most people, no matter how beautiful they are, consider themselves first through the lens of their insecurities. It baffles me. I realized this a while ago, and now live by the principle, “I’m gorgeous and you can be too!” That feeling you have is shared by most people. But, make sustainable that inclination to offset your limitations and insecurities with your abilities and competence. Resist the inclination to cover or disguise your challenges as if with makeup. You only begin to look more and more generic. Your energy is hidden behind a screen of pretentiousness. Instead, approach life and each experience with fresh face, confidence in your competence, the assurance founded in preparation. If they don’t realize your awesomeness, that is their choice. You brought your happiness with you to the event. You were never waiting for their approval.