MAWMonday Motivators 09/27/2015

MAWMonday Motivators is the anti-social media post. It is not about showing off the best of life and appearances. It’s not about selfies with celebrities and awesome restaurant dishes. It’s about realizing that motivation comes from choice. A choice to listen to the small voice that speaks positivity into your life while you wait for things to really take off. A choice to dine with the line staff, the children, and the destitute instead of seeking out the leaders and the famous. A choice to rise each day, thankful for another few hours, focusing on what really counts.

This week, and every week, MAWMonday Motivators is here to support your sustainable choice. Look for the silver lining. Do what you know. Look for opportunity. And, move from smile to smile making merry along the way.

1. Hope Whispers
It may be fainter still in the throng of clamor and cacophony, but hope. Also known as What if? Sometimes called But? Often termed Chance. Riding on Maybe. Arriving late, but right on time. Different from faith, hope shows you a small glimmer of light in the darkness. Amplify that whisper through your action.

2. Move Without
You don’t know it all. Good thing you don’t have to. I promise you that you will learn more as you move forward. You will get better. You will obtain allies. But, you get none of that standing still in this position. Let’s go!

3. Endure Chaos
Bottom is one sure indicator of up. Chaos is a sure indicator of change. Life is extraordinary when you realize that no matter your powerlessness in controlling the chaos at its origin, you are the center of the universe of order. It begins with you, your mindset, your actions or refusal to act. You control YOU. And, that is the beginning of the change for good.

RollerCoaster24. Notice Opportunity
I held my daughters hand as she rode her first roller coaster (Mean Streak at Cedar Point). For most of the ride, she buried her head into my shoulder fearing to look up. I wonder how many of you ride life’s roller coaster, head buried. You don’t have to fling your arms in the air carelessly, but I want you to be aware of two things. First, the ups, downs, and twists are going to happen. Second, eyes open will reveal opportunities.

5. Smile to Smiles
Smiles are infectious. True. But, is it possible to make yourself smile? Try this during your week. Take a moment each day, better multiple times throughout the day and think of something that makes you smile. It could be something funny. It could be an accomplishment. It could be something you are thankful for. Put an intentional smile on your face each day. When you get to the end of the week, I want to know if you feel different. But, I also want to know if you influenced anyone else. I know you did. But do you?