MAWMonday Motivators 10/02/2016

cosmosI get it. You’re busy. Caught in busy-ness. But, what is your business? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 675,000 businesses were created in 2015. You may look at them as many generic stars. Burning bright and busy. Yet, you are probably unsure of their names and purposes. Your business needs to be different. I’m not requiring that you start a business, but I am encouraging you to handle yours. Whatever you define as “what really counts” must be your priority. Figure out how to give it more of your time. Discover a path toward happily giving it ALL your time.

Twitter is with me as always. Glean the advice that will support your quest. Find the experience that will serve you best. Rehearse it. Continually. Always.

1. Start Somewhere
Whether it’s a day, a project, or a lifestyle, you have to start somewhere. I find that the hardest thing to do is to start. Maybe you should give up on another start. Yes. That’s what I said. Too many are always starting. They never work up any momentum that keeps them moving toward their goal. More specifically, they never give themselves credit for the progress they have made up to now. It doesn’t matter if you are embarking on a new endeavor, the habits of mind, the ambition, the perseverance, the search for something better has always been yours. You have been moving in this direction your whole life. Even when you have taken breaks, they were necessary experiences in the grand scheme. Rather than struggling in the despair and self-questioning of this another start, meditate on your success as continuous, your movement as tangible, and your momentum as sufficient.

2. Keep Moving
It’s not just the challenging times that cause us to question and worry. Each step of progress can have its own set of questions. It sometimes feels like a surreal experience similar to the cloudy wonder of a head cold. How did you get to this point? How do you maintain this momentum? What are the things that could go wrong? You got here through blessing, smart work, planning, and execution. You maintain by continuing to seek, coordinate, and evaluate healthy relationships. Everything could go wrong! A better question: What can go right? The answer: The things that really matter are family, friends, and your impact on the world. The rest is process.

3. Transform
The most certain way to overcome your fear is to reflect upon how far you have come. Translate that experience into belief that you can overcome the next hurdle with an increased portion of grace. Allow that belief to transform you from a worrier to a warrior, from a questioner to a quest planner, from a stressor to a blesser. Your success doesn’t require false humility and an expectation of “good enough.” On the contrary, your level of achievement is promised in proportion to your expectation. It is to your advantage to expect awesomeness. The next level? Allow the outcomes to return exceedingly above your greatest expectation.

4. Practice
“But, I’m falling on my face, Dr. Wright.” And, that’s part of the process. Everything about you says that you can do it–you can achieve. Time, maturity, new information, new opportunities–all these will come to pass even if you resist them. The missing ingredient, YOU getting up from that failure and trying again. Perform your self-assessment. Seek more information, sources and people. Explore assistive and collaborative technologies. Practice the best practices. You can’t give up on who you are.

5. Keep Learning
Okay. It is up to you. But, you still are not alone. The people who influenced you may not be around anymore. They may have passed. They may have moved. You may have outgrown them. But, the lessons! More specifically, that approach to listening, learning, testing, and evaluating fit. That training is yours forever. Implement it over and over again. Trust the work you put in. Take your breaks where you need to. Rest and meditate. AND keep training with the knowledge that the lessons you have learned are cheering sections that increase with each new awareness, with each mental note, with each cosmic revelation.