MAWMonday Motivators 10/04/2015


StartToday-FeatureImage-605x340This week, I’m focusing on self-talk retraining. I find that many have only the negative, self-defeating messages in their heads. Following is a list of more sustainable and more supportive names to train your inner voice to call you. The progression this week also suggests a habit of positive self-talk as well as a habit of learning, networking, joy, investment, and now.

1. Life Lesson Learner
Living is all about lessons. Each has different costs, but also benefits. They each have varying degrees of pain, but also pleasure. The greatest learning is to realize that the one does not expect the other. Rather, the life was the point to LIVE all along, not the evaluation. Spend less time evaluating, and more time living the learning. You will find the Beyond–a grand perspective above either/or and both/and.

2. Networker
The future begins with the relationships that you make in the present. My wife and I were just talking about the requirements and potentiality of networks. Do not be satisfied with reaching only one. Aspire to inspire many. But, if you can network genuinely with just one, that is enough. Additional relationships are a bonus.

3. Joy Addict
Problems! Forget them! Solutions. Rehearse them. Joy. Talk incessantly about them. Change your life from a “have to” to a “can do” perspective. Whether it’s a dream, a reality, a promise, or a passion make sure it’s positive, uplifting, and long-term. You will find that you attract more of the same.

4. Time Investor
My revelation from meditation two weeks ago is encapsulated in this tweet. How much time did you spend yesterday on what matters most to you? How much time did you spend on your dream? How much time did you talk, write, draw your vision yesterday? Does your time say that you want it, or just your mouth? Bring your time into agreement with your dreams.

5. Today Doer
Start today. Begin right now. Don’t wait until the end of month, the beginning of the year, Monday, Friday, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, or after Football season. If it’s worth doing, if it fits your long-term plan, if you really want it, DO IT NOW. Saying “tomorrow” today, will build the habit that tomorrow says, “tomorrow” again.