MAWMonday Motivators 10/09/2016

black-plus-gayMy inner geek woke up this morning with a question of centrality. Centrality is a construct prevalent in communications, organizational development, mathematics, and even social networks. My question: What is your center? Here’s the awesome sauce. You may not be the center of the universe, but when it comes to your happiness, the choice is up to you. You are the center, the ultimate decision maker. Centrality, in this instance (and always I argue in another project), is about choice. The choice is yours to make.

I enlisted Twitter, as I do every week, to expand upon this centrality of choice point. As always, I highlight some encouraging tweets. I wish you decisiveness this week and happiness always.

1. Follow Your Mature Dreams
Not the simple desires of your heart, those insistent wishes to be normal, in the crowd, thinner, or more popular. Mature dreams are of acceptance without compromise, and decisiveness without regret. They are not about being accepted by others, but about accepting oneself. Mature dreams are hard work, but give way to smarter work as the learning, capability, and competence increases. Mature dreams result in scaffolding that allows you to climb higher and higher. They evolve into escalators, to elevators, to jet packs, and G5 airplanes for multiple passengers. And in that way, your mature dreams are never about you only. Mature dreams are about those you influence, those you inspire, and those you bring along for the ride.

2. Improve Upon Fear
Fear is not to be ignored. You have to evaluate whether the fear is a response to real danger that should be considered in your plan. But, fear was never a barrier. It is a common, natural response to the unknown. Like anxious nervousness that attends that opportunity to speak in front of the crowd, your adrenaline will pump. You will question whether fight or flight. I encourage another option: Win!

3. Work Forward
You have learned to work backward from your goal. That’s perfect for planning strategy and steps. You will also want to Work Forward. This technique is about encouraging yourself with small successes each step of the process. This tweet supports that idea. Rather than thinking backward from a year from now, think about each step from now to a year from now. Remember the joys of completing a portion in order to have less to do tomorrow. Recognize the systematic pleasure of building unto completion. Engage your intrinsic motivation gained from consistent progress over time.

4. Satisfaction
Not “seek satisfaction.” Just “satisfaction.” It is not something to be sought after, achieved, or worked on. Just let it be. It is the opposite of regret. Notice how regret just sits there without effort. Satisfaction should be the same. It is a mindset you have no matter the outcome, the circumstance, or the situation. You are content with the fact that life is joy. Process is golden. Outcome is satisfaction.

5. Be Happy
The only question that matters is happiness. And, that is not even a question. It’s a decision. The secret is to be completely present based on learning from the past and review of potential outcomes from future choices. Life is a mathematical equation executed in the moment, revealing predictive statistics about outcomes, based on historical models. And yet, the single most influential variable in the equation and interpretive element is your decision toward happiness. May you always solve the x’s, understand the y’s, and be refreshed by the z’s.