MAWMonday Motivators 10/11/2015

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Like it was all too much for you to handle? I have! At 41 years old, I can tell you that every single time I felt that way, the reward for my perseverance was HUGE. Keep moving, even without the How. Understand that the goal is not to DO, it was always to BE.

Remember Why You Started
I felt like I had accomplished my goals. Then, another student walked into my office. She told me that she prays each day thanking God for sending people into her life to change her. She told me that she thanks god for me. That’s why I started. Not to be prayed for, but to be an answer to prayer.

During Difficulty, Look to Grow
I looked around in my disappointment and failure and realized I had a lot of growing up to do. I had become complacent in my progress and productivity. I was producing at a high level, but beneath my potential. I took the hint and resolved more diligent. With money as one indicator, I added two new revenue streams. With enlightenment as another indicator, I discovered 6 tenets of mindfulness.


Design Your Living
My lab (home office) had become a workbench, disrespected as a space for creativity and innovation. I suggested a refresh. It was my wife who took on the challenge. She flipped the desks, and added a communing table. It is now a space for creative development, innovative invention, and team collaboration.

Remember Your Journey’s Origin
I don’t know how it will all come together. But, I remember when I only had 150 Twitter followers and 60 likes on my Facebook page. I remember when I had only sold 3 books, and I had only 2 clients. I did what I could do, but knowing exactly how 150 became 2150, 60 became 600, and sales and clients multiplied wasn’t important. What was important was starting…the first step. Awakening to the next step. Falling, and getting back up. Next step.


Faith When it’s Beyond Reason
I did my part. Along with the doing my part, I just had to believe that it would work out. Regardless of my lack of pedigree, or trust fund, or birth right, I had to trust without evidence that I could get to this level. The next level is no different. I have to believe without knowing with certainty how it all happens.

I don’t know the how. I can’t foretell the future. But, I can trust and prepare within my why, my growth, my design, my progress, and my faith. I can enjoy each moment without the requirement to pursue. I can simply be. And that is my sustainable success.