MAWMonday Motivators 10/12/2014

MAWMonday Motivators is my effort to trigger productive behaviors. I will check my Twitter feed and retweet 5 inspirational thoughts that I hope will trigger your action, and remind you of your giftedness and my joy in seeing you produce. Look for them to be posted by Monday morning each week–a COACH Method intervention and a service of

Quote_happy.fwIn this installment of MAWMonday Motivators, I post 5 tweets that resonated with me because they are precise headings for coaching conversations I had this week. From religion to wealth to dreams to your thoughts, I am reminded daily that so many are doing it wrong. The greatest tragedy is to have health, wealth, and happiness at your fingertips, and yet be convinced that you must do something other than grasp it in order to deserve it. The absence of happiness is despair. Otherwise despair would have no meaning. Focus on the happiness.

1. After a talk I gave, a student walked up to me and asked, “How do I make my first million?”
“I have an answer, but first I want you to look at what you are doing right now. Answer me this, do you live like you are rich?” He was confused. Many of us think that living like we are rich is flaunting our wealth. But, shadow a person who has both time wealth AND financial wealth. In my experience, they are the warmest, most engaging, unassuming people. Yes, they have cuff links and new cars, but the cuff links keep their cuffs linked. The new cars take them from point A to point B. Those things are not the proof of wealth. The satisfaction in a job well done, the connection to others, the will to invest in a brighter future for all–that’s their true wealth.

2. One day soon, I am going to complete a blog series related to religion versus spirituality versus the pretense of God. The series will be entitled, “You’re Doing it Wrong.” As this tweet expresses, the act of prayer RESULTS in encouragement. The relationship is CAUSE and EFFECT. Whether you call it prayer, meditation, stillness, self-reliance, or faith, the proof in the notion is the power that results.

I see too many who profess some sort of faith or spirituality that both 1) seem incapable to overcome the stressors of daily life with grace, and 2) fail to recognize the offer of help from professionals and others who have practical interventions that work. Missing the structured community of a religion, missing the stress-management of spirituality, missing the power of a God-based worldview, and “You’re Doing it Wrong!”

3. I was struck again this week by the reality that some people seem to be beset by negative occurrences. As always, I redirected my thoughts. It is not that trouble follows you, it is that you see trouble in every situation. You plan for trouble rather than moving in peace. Your life is stressed and busy because you do not intentionally engage in eustress and business. It would be cliche for me to suggest that it is ALL perspective, but you need to understand that perspective is the only thing you completely control. Exercise your control!

4. I had a conversation with a self-proclaimed introvert this week. We discussed my observation that great looking, attractive people SHOULD NOT be introverts. She laughed as I intended, but we continued into a conversation about trauma and brokenness that pushes some to masquerade as introverts–unable to rebuild the faith in their own ability or trust in others.

This tweet reminded me of that conversation and the other potential outcome of loss and adverse relationships: an inability to realize that others are human. A need to “get them” before the misuse you. A need to distance yourself from them before they disappoint you. A reliance on things and concepts that never challenge you to be better, because you have only experienced “challenge” as making you feel worse.

5. And, finally this week, Peter provides a quote from John Updike that I present often in one way or another. The most misunderstood emotion is ambition. It comes in many forms: desire, wishful thinking, dreams, passion, longing, and more. Most think, and are supported as children to dismiss these as the musings of an unfocused, lazy person. But, I counsel that your task is to understand how to reach these ambitions sustainably. It is true that many ways exist to miss life while chasing a unrealized dream. It is also true that ways exist to realize a dream that makes life, each day, worth while.