MAWMonday Motivators 10/16/2016

wavesThree things are certain: Attraction, Karma, and Interdependence. Without a determination of good or bad, like attracts like. You get what you give. No man is an island. The incredible difference in being human is to envision a future and make it come to fruition. Your “HOW” will follow the universal laws including attraction, karma, and interdependence. Your “WHEN” and “HOW MUCH” depends less on the labels of good versus bad, and more upon the physics of vibrations. How do you know your response to universal laws? We check your vibrations. You can’t fake it. You can’t gloss over it by being polite. You can’t politically correct it. Three things are certain, and one thing is true: Your vibrations.

This week. I engage Twitter to provide you with a short tutorial. May your vibrations be the highest, inspire many, and manifest miracles.

1. Vibrate Positively
This vibration thing is serious. To any who are suspicious. I only ask that you think for a minute about your experience and the experiences of your friends. Case one: You have said, “When it rains, it pours.” That’s vibration. Case two: You have that friend who “can’t win for losing.” That’s vibration. Case three: You know that person that seems to live a charmed life. No matter what happens, they land on their feet. That’s vibration.

I have more news for you. It’s also a choice. Make the choice to focus on the positive, the bright side, the silver lining, the opportunity. Allow the best find you and stick like glue.

2. Vibrate at the High Frequency
You may be the person who wants to make the choice toward positive vibrations, but it feels forced, contrived, or even creepy. “How can I be honest with my emotion AND have a rosy outlook on life at the same time?” You argue that some things are just awful things. You lament that some situations have no silver lining. You may even argue that some sadness builds character. None of those are true of course. Don’t focus on things. Move beyond situations. And, when it comes to character, you must have been thinking about risking failure. The risk of failure builds character. Honest emotions and rosy outlook is accomplished best by focusing on love and responding with gratitude in everything. Make love and gratitude your response, and you will align with positive vibrations.

3. Vibrate to Inspire
I think every person is born with a gene to engage with others. It is the sublimating and denial of this inclination that results in poor mental health and self-destructive behavior. The question you ask is, “How do I engage without being a nuisance or an attention-seeking wanna-be famous?” The answer is less about them, and more about you. The truth is, when you do what you love you draw others to you. When you do with gratitude in even the opportunity for another chance to do, others take notice. The attention you receive is not the point. The love and gratitude is the point. Good vibrations are the resulting outcome.

4. Seek Positive Vibrations
More than just guarding the pathways, conversations, routines, and contributions to your daily vibrations, seek to experience and appreciate beauty in many forms throughout your day. Music, theatre, dance/exercise, hugs, video games, cartoons, or board games the list is infinite as long as you find joy in the experience. Take time to appreciate the “what you like” about the “it.” Enjoy the activity, but also enjoy that you enjoy the activity. Then, add the multiplier = Other like minded people. Feed your soul with food that can never be depleted. Encourage one another.

5. Realize Miracles
Nurture positive vibrations and watch (even expect) miracles to manifest. It’s a grandiose way to say “Be Happy.” You don’t have to believe me. You can try it for yourself. Focus. Release. Allow. Love. Be Grateful. Enjoy others. See Miracles. And, let me know what your outcomes are.