MAWMonday Motivators 10/19/2014

This week is dedicated to you. Life often provides challenges that highlight character. It is also true that the navigation through life IS character. Choice is character. This week, I was struck by tweets that supported sustainable choice behavior. Not only purpose and intentionality, but sustainable reactions to what life brings to you.

1. I feel like this entrepreneur is a friend. I watched her build and launch her business. In this tweet, she provides both problem and solution for the insomnia challenge I call “brilliance brain.” Producing through writing, exercise, and human interaction sustainably release anxiety. Sleep comes easier and is sweeter to those who produce.

2. Mental Health Matters tweets a quote from the Dalai Lama. The thought caused me to ask myself a question, which I will now ask you. “Do you realize that each of the challenges in your life are exercises for your character muscle?” They are difficult, but use proper form, don’t cheat, hydrate. You will see definition and fitness in your sense of self and ability to lead.

A_sunflower3. Failure is a great fear. I am convinced as the retweeter in this next tweet is. The fear is a misdiagnosis and a misapplication of the term failure. Failure can never describe you. It can never be your identity as long as you continue to produce. You can fail many times. The word describes the outcome of one attempt. Yet, with each failure, YOU learn. At least, you are a learner. In truth, you are a producer finding success through a process of elimination.

4. That awkward moment when a student says, “I thought this would be an easy class.” You realize that some believe that anything will be easy without work. Yet, it is as easy as having faith.

I believe in working smart, rarely hard. I believe in sharing the load and collaborating. I believe in careful planning even if the finished product seems delayed. But, you must understand that anything of value will require work. Work is effort, but work is also the currency of the universe. Work demonstrates that you believe that your effort will result in a return. Sow work. Reap in time.

5. Honesty and authenticity are golden. I wrote a blog on about this next level–moving from superficial attempts to be an original toward true unique identity. This tweet reminded me of that blog.

Kelly Fair leads a social enterprise called @PolishedPebbles. She wants, as I do, all girls (and boys) to know their intrinsic value. The tweet caused me to think about how often I speak health and wellbeing into the lives of students, mentees, and clients supporting a more tolerant, self-aware, accepting sense of self. My hope is that the perception of value emanates from within, not dependent on hair weaves, makeup, fashion, or accessories. If value begins with authenticity, beauty is certain by definition.