MAWMonday Motivators 10/26/2014

mental-acuityThis week is dedicated to the discipline of the mind. I am convinced that mental acuity and intentionality make the difference no matter the external happenings. In my life and business, this means growth at every challenge. Be motivated to discipline, focus, vision, optimism, and gratitude this week.

1. Discipline. Lonny starts us off with a quote attributed to Buddha. An undisciplined mind is worse that any enemy. In my coaching, I have scripted a system for both meditation and control. The meditation works to get you in control of your mind and to recognize the relationship between your mind and body. The system of control empowers you to construct your life for with the intention to succeed sustainably. In both cases, your mental discipline is the key.

2. Focus. I am happy I ran across @Kaydyma. This mom of two writes an encouraging blog #doitanyway. Her recent post reminds you that life is short. It is important to find what matters to you, and enjoy that in the time you have left. Give your kids the right to interrupt you. Delay one “have to” per day to make way for a “want to.” Focus is not simply about leaving out distractions. It must be about engaging with what really matters.

3. Vision. Maybe the most amazing thing I have realized in my time on earth is the fact that not everyone can vision. Some are just incapable of seeing beyond what confronts them in the moment. There is value still, but experience uses the past to predict what will come. Vision sees what is possible and intervenes to create what will be. As the tweet suggests, achievements that have never been experienced would never occur if we relied only on experience.

4. Optimism. Cecily’s tweet resonates with me because of phrase “brilliantly disguised.” The world around you is what you perceive it to be. When you see brilliance, beauty, genesis, and opportunity, you remain hopeful. You see the ingredients of your success. You see the patterns of your solutions. The fact that problems are brilliant disguises for opportunities communicates that decoding the opportunity is yet another growth skill. Maintaining the posture of discovery, learning, growth ensure that you see opportunities where others see problems. But, these also ground the mental perspective required to decode problems and communicate them as opportunities.

5. Gratitude. And finally this week, a quote attributed to Gertrude Stein reminds you that mental health is about the complete range of positive, community-aware thoughts. And, mental health is also about community interaction. Speak the words of gratitude and thankfulness to those who inspire, help, challenge, or otherwise impact your life. In turn, encourage them to continue in their life of inspiration. That’s the point of #MAWMondayMotivators. Thank you.