MAWMonday Motivators 10/30/2016

heartIf you had the opportunity of your dreams, what could keep you from it? Credible information, a need to plan, and experience should give you pause. But, that’s not the end of the story. Those are not the only decision-makers. Include your heart. Get consonant with what YOUR needs are. Not what you are supposed to do or be. Not what “they” want for you. Determine what you really want. Make that need known, and I promise that you will find the space, people, and opportunity to excel.

This week, Twitter’s theme is Your Potential. It begins with that familiar call for you to move beyond your fear. It ends with an affirmation that your heart must be at the table along with your mind.

1. Astound Yourself
Let’s say it’s not fear of failure, procrastination, or complacency that has kept you from opportunities. Truth is each of these is a placeholder, an immature expression of ignorance and incompetence. Don’t believe me? Make a list of the things that you love and do really well yet put off to the last minute. I’m not going to wait. The list does not exist. When you know what you’re doing and you have confidence, you get it done.

Consider that if you knew how–really knew the ins and outs of a process–you would have more confidence and motivation to complete the process. Your respect of the timing and preparation needs would increase. You would awaken to the promise and opportunity. My news to you is that you can discover that know-how. Once you have the “How,” watch as fear, procrastination, and complacency fall away.

2. Take the Second Chance
With all the motivational speeches on failing quickly and learning to fail, second chances have not received the attention they deserve. This situation leaves people wrestling with lessons while the time to move on repeats with insistence. You learned my main point in elementary school. Don’t repeat the same mistakes, but try, try again. Yes. Learn the lessons. But, don’t linger too long over thinking the next step. Your goal is the same. Your next iteration starts now.

3. Give, But Never Up or In
I thought of generosity when I read this quote. How generous are you with yourself? From assessments of your appearance to allowance for mistakes. From time for relaxation to patience with setbacks. Do you expect perfection or progress? Keep encouraging yourself with grace, gratitude, and generosity. Give yourself an unlimited amount of chances to engage again. Smarter, more collaborative, but allowed to try one more time.

4. Flirt with Danger
I have written a lot about the relationship between fear and danger. I resonate with this tweet because of the tenuous relationship, but also the physical proximity of fear to danger. Often, your challenge to overcome fear runs precariously close to danger. The fear is not real. It is a shadow of the danger. You can dissipate it through competence, preparation, and experience. The danger is real. It looms present even if you are informed, prepared, and experienced. Pushing yourself to flirt with danger is a necessary risk to fully clear fear. I coach clients to learn about and role play the danger. You want to better understand your adversary. The goal is to get every opportunity that fear seeks to obscure. Often, recovery and resilience is possible even when danger is confirmed.

5. Lead with Heart
I include this tweet within this theme because of the expression of heart. I read this quote as less about allowing your heart to lead and more about the need for heart as a consideration in decisions. In the context of pushing the limits of your competence, preparation, and experience, you may be left with an incomplete picture of your choices. Heart, in this instance, is the keeper of your faith. Trust that you will succeed. Should you keep going? Should you try again? Do you have what it takes? Sometimes, it’s only your heart that says emphatically, “Yes!” Listen.