MAWMonday Motivators 11/01/2015

business-mentorEncouragement this Monday comes from the mind, listening, authenticity, and self-talk. It is a reminder to seek relationships that feed your progress. Even 15-minutes per week in conversation with someone who believes in you can change your life. Twenty minutes per week working WITH someone who counts you as a partner can change the lives of many. My challenge to you this week is to risk to engage in those conversations. Find those who will risk themselves for your progress.

1. Mentally Strong
Clutch! I’m convinced that the power to succeed is found in relationships that tell you, show you, and with you. I know “with you” is not a verb, but it should be demonstrated as such. It is not enough to just tell you and show you. Your mental strength benefits from that learning and demonstration, but the “with you” builds out the emotional component. I wish for more, but I am thankful for the mentors and teachers who walked with me, wrote with me, and presented with me. Seek out those who will With You.

2. Places Worth Going
There are no shortcuts, but my mission in life is to share the lessons I didn’t receive growing up. It will take you less time to get where I am. You will have more joy along the way. You will navigate the world with skill because you listen to my trial and error experience and learn from it. It is an awesome proposition because you will also experience places beyond what I could show because of the insight you gain from my experience.

3. By Being Yourself
If you are not certain that you add beauty to the world, you have already outlined your task. Create beauty. It could be as simple as adding a helping hand, or as expansive as showing up each month. The point is that when you show up, you come with YOU. You know it’s you when you are willing to learn, encouraged by engagement, and refueled by time alone. Authenticity finds benefit from others, and realizes the benefit he or she provides.

4. Banish Negative Self-Talk
My first goal is to build my residual income to $3,000 per month. The next goal is $6,000 per month. My wife asked, rather appropriately, why are you limiting. I offered an explanation suggesting that need a marker to judge my progress. But, her point is well taken. Limits, thinking small, and negative thinking are all bully brothers. They are not to be courted as friends.

5. Inner Voice
Once you get rid of the negativity from your inner dialogue, you will have the encouragement that comes from constructively challenging yourself. You know the difference between this and the criticism, hate, jealousy, and intimidation from external sources because those never offer to risk themselves in order to build you. It was just the other day that my mentor asked, “I know her. Do you need me to call?” I hesitated just moments while my inner voice reminded me that this is exactly what true mentors do. They put themselves on the line to promote your future.