MAWMonday Motivators 11/02/2014

The first Monday in November. Daylight savings transition. The true beginning of the holiday season. Two months until 2015. Completing the goals of 2014 and laying the foundation for an even more productive, healthy, persistent, fearless, prosperous 2015 are on my mind. All the while, I am thankful, considerate, and intentional about THIS MOMENT.

1. Productivity. I begin this week’s motivators with a simple tweet with great depth. It talks about kindness, and I consider it the core of productivity. I had a discussion among a group of entrepreneurs this week about WHY. We shared our personal “why.” The parameters were that the why must be: 1) Written down, 2) Emotional for you, and 3) Bigger than you. That is what this tweet communicates to me. If you can get outside the pursuit of your own success long enough to consider how your care for others returns in sustainable success, you will have learned the key to productivity. You will produce, but you will also sustain the energy and the purpose of production. As you assist others to succeed, you will have success. Sounds familiar. *wink

image_t6 (1)
Photos by: Leasha Hooker

2. Self-Care. Julie makes a living providing some of the best advice for daily living. I had a conversation this week with a friend who had learned growing up that taking care of yourself is selfish. We talked about the concept exactly as Julie describes in this tweet–as a foundation. Not just to understand that you must take care of yourself, but to realize that self-care puts you in the best position from which to make sustainable choices. You engage people with more caring, tasks with more patience, challenges with more wisdom when you are taking care of yourself.

3. Persistence. This week, I attended a few trainings. In person, online, and self-reflection. A consistent theme came through them all articulated in Sylvia’s tweet. I emerged from training inspired to conquer the fears that had been uncovered. I resolved to gain the knowledge I found I was lacking. I determined to spend the major portion of my energy on those who would give energy back to me multiplied. I renewed my insistence to persist.

4. Eustress. Eustress is the positive, result-producing, intrinsic motivation you feel. Cecily, a regular on MAWMonday Motivators, reminds us with a quote from Marcus Aurelius to manage our stress. Yet, more importantly, distinguish your external influences from your internal motivations. You may not have control of the external thing, but you MUST control your internal dialogue and your system of translation. No matter what goes in, you can translate it into positive energy. Strive to translate externals into motivators–fuel for your productive activity.

5. Prosperity. More than just clever, the quote Josh shared reminds me that I adopt my path–my perspective and what happens. As you stand this week at a crossroad, a fork in the road, a path less traveled, or a highway to hell (s/o to my AC/DC fans), maintain the awareness of your power. You have the power to choose. Choice is your most precious possession. The road you choose determines your destination, but it also determines how long it takes, what scenery you see, what stops are possible, and the people you may encounter along the way. Consider what YOU want from your journey. Choose a path that provides that experience.