MAWMonday Motivators 11/08/2015

Fall backSetting suns and the end of daylight savings time brings a specific set of challenges for those of us who enjoy order and predictability. The new rhythms associated with the time change is one challenge. The decrease in sunlight is another. It seems no mistake that a significant set of holidays present themselves for your distraction during these times. My motivation for you today is to maintain during these “darker” times. When the sunlight returns, may it find new products and your sigh of completion.

1. Not What I Don’t Have
Still 18 days out, but I have doing a lot of reflecting on thankfulness and gratitude. Last week, I thought about all the teachers that knowingly and unknowingly contributed to who I am today. I listened to others talk about the challenge of staying encouraged in the face of exhaustion and daily challenge. I contemplated my own impatience and sense of hopelessness in the face of a vision much bigger than myself. AND, I ended up where this tweet begins. My thankfulness and gratitude is centered on what I DO HAVE. What I don’t have is none of my concern. But, what I do have can be used. It will be used.

2. The Small and the Mundane
Success, sustainable success, is built upon those little things that you do. Imagine you were building a house. Think of how many times you would have to do the same simple, repetitive task of hammering a nail. Imagine if you decided to skip some of those hammering tasks or dispensed with the nails. What if you leaned some boards against one another leaving them insecure? You realize that your house would not be a stable shelter. Such is your success. Take the care to expertly drive each nail into its appointed place. Schedule the meeting. Send the invitations. Mingle. Write the thank yous. And, do it all over again. Your success will be sustainable even as it is certain.

3. The Vehicle
You want it. Good! That’s the road. You are on the right track. But, keep producing. That’s the vehicle. You will most certainly be tested. Your patience will wear thin. You will be peppered with the words of nay-sayers and detractors. But, take heart. Your movement brings you into contact with more barriers. Your choices to overcome continues your progress. Maintain and nurture your support system. Produce with others who share your vision or profession. Keep grinding to make flour understanding that it is only one ingredient in making your bread.

4. It is Up to You
No one succeeds alone. But, it is on YOU to get started, to gather the knowledge, to recognize your need, to solicit the team, to outline the plan, and the recognize the progress. I’m convinced that many are distracted to complain about the lack of productivity or the team’s inability. Their actions reinforce their reality. They do it themselves resolving that it is both their personality that leaves them alone to complete tasks. But, leaders make the team better. It’s not your personality. It’s not your team. It’s your leadership. Getting better, becoming a better leader, that is up to you.

5. Might as Well Smile
That moment when someone comments on the beauty of your smile. That same smile that you attempted to hide as a child. Your ideas, your vision, your products are the same as your smile. You don’t offer it for the critique. You smile because your soul swells with joy, and you begin to leak with a smile that threatens to become laughter. You create because your soul swells with inspiration, and you cannot contain the stories, the art, the music, the poetry. It is not for THEM. It is a natural reaction to what is occurring within you. Don’t hide it. Don’t worry about who is receiving it. Realize that no matter what, you would do it anyway.