MAWMonday Motivators 11/09/2014

My selections for this MAWMonday motivate a sense of freedom, reality, balance, inspiration, and purpose. I have woven them into a narrative that I hope inspires you. If it doesn’t, just know that you were already energized. You should be writing! 🙂

girl with raised hands and broken chains1. Freedom. Free is what is possible. Purpose is finding what makes you feel free. For many of the people I encounter daily, helping is the simplest word to express their sense of purpose. I am often heard encouraging them to understand their need more personally. When you recognize that your need to help is a reaction to wanting help yourself, you are in a position to understand why your help will sometimes be rebuffed.

Greater knowledge of yourself creates a better mirror for reflecting others. Though they refuse your help, you continue because of your purpose. You succeed from a knowledge of your own value rather than relying on their value of themselves to validate your value.


2. Reality. The reality is that some people are not ready to live within an intrinsic sense of value and purpose. For whatever reason, and they can be myriad, they are stuck believing that their lot in life is small. They see their contribution as insignificant, or they fear standing and proclaiming their gift. I prefer to think that they just need more time. They are not ready. My task with all is to invite. My focus for action is with those who want to work toward enlightenment.


3. Balance. This tweet connected with me because this year has flown by. I make lists. I keep a calendar. I note in my cell phone. I complete a lot of tasks both planned and unplanned. Yet, hidden in the subtext of this tweet is my secret. I also intentionally walk away from “work” periodically to enjoy what really matters. I gain joy and encouragement from my wife. I chat with a friend. I hug on my children.

When I’m back to the “work,” I always feel like I have not been as productive as I could have been. Yet, I realize at least two things. First, I have made progress, especially on some of the most challenging and ongoing projects. Second, I am energized to keep producing because I took time to confirm the source of my energy. This balance reality is the mechanism for getting things done.


4. Inspiration. This tweet of a Nietzsche quote struck me as perfectly summarizing the internal motivation that necessitates action and foreshadows greatness. Other texts describe a “fire shut up in my bones.” The meaning is the same. As 2014 wanes in its final 52 days, I get a feeling of renewal and expectation for the new year. Add to that the accomplishments, plans, and momentum this year has witnessed, and you conjure images of chaos, fire shut up, and avalanche of blessings. And, as the quote suggests, what will be birthed is at once marvelous and dangerous. Nurture your star to provide light and warmth. But, understand and utilize the motivation found in the knowledge of the chaos raging within.



5. Purpose. And what is it all about? How do you burn brightly and burn sustainably? You must meditate on the message of this tweet. You can be wrong at times. You may even make mistakes, but when you find new information, integrate it into a living truth. Speak up with a heart for social and economic justice. Challenge yourself to be even better with each passing moment.

It is the same in marketing, business, spirituality, and relationships. Success is certain when you are able to articulate your truth-your foundation of principles. Add purpose, and you not only have the reason you get out of bed, you have a benchmark with which to evaluate your progress.

May your week be filled with a purpose that grows from a chaos within. May you always insist on balance giving love to YOU and to what you love to do. May you continue to actively invite all to experience the freedom you enjoy, knowing that freedom includes allowing them to stay in their chains if that is their choice.