MAWMonday Motivators 11/13/2016

lovejarlightThis week, we are talking about walking away in more healthy, strategic, and hopeful ways than you may have thought about letting go in the past. This week is about giving up the negative, the toxic, the unhealthy, and the obligatory. Reclaim your life and habits for love. You first. Family second. Community results.

Twitter is with me. As always, I chose five collaborators. I call them MAWMonday Motivators.

1. Give Up the Unhealthy
Find the courage to invest in collaborative, reciprocal growth. I don’t know what it is that keeps people in an unhealthy relationship. With food–I have to eat. With substances–It gives me a break. With people–nobody is perfect. With themselves–I’m working on it. Okay, I do know. My typical response is that you start the process with yourself. Work on it with specific, identified, evidence-based techniques. Inspire excellence and the pursuit of perfection in others. Take your breaks and search out ways to recreate and rejuvenate sustainably. Feed your body according to a schedule and menu that puts your body in the position to respond favorably to renewing energy meant for your soul. Find that the other option, in the other direction from unhealthy, is health, wellness, and happiness.

2. Refocus Your Thoughts
Place your attention on 1) the fact that you are immensely worthy, 2) healthy relationships are the ones that really matter, and 3) the spaces where you can make the greatest difference for good are YOUR spaces. Whether you understand it as self-talk, inner speech, mindfulness, or self-awareness, realize the power of questioning yourself AND answering intentionally. Build bridges, checkpoints, and consulates not walls.

3. Feed Your Soul
Your curiosity, recreation, and sense of leisure are great to nurture. Don’t forget to balance those more psychological, social, and biological needs with nourishment of your spiritual being. Beyond the newness implications of a sunrise, feel the warmth on your skin. Soak in the light of a new day. Release the endorphins of a morning forever captured in your memory. Know that you are real and powerful. Feel the power of nature reinforcing that truth through beauty you often take for granted.

4. Joy, A Little Deeper
Life is short. That’s one good reason to enjoy yourself. Many others exist. Life can also be deceptively mundane. I often perform a little Exercise in Joy. I picture myself at the end of my life reflecting on my choices. From that vantage point, I consider the current choice in front of me. What choice will give me the greatest satisfaction from that vantage point? Whatever my choice, I endeavor to enjoy the ride… Every moment, every engagement, every interaction to the point that I’m surprised when I meet a person who seems clueless to the fact that we’re all dying. In my short time left, I’m going to breathe deeply, exhale the fears, and love.

5. Disregard the Stares
You have observers. They are attempting to figure out how you can be the person you are. They may be intimidated, unsettled, or even fearful. They watch with a conscious notion to figure out what you are doing. They harbor a subconscious envy of your freedom, resolve, and ability to make life seem almost magical. I have decided to take my life to the next level. Not just the next level of appreciation, but the next level of engagement, interaction, and collaboration. Not just kindness to others, but initiation of relationships that could be the next partnership toward making the world a better place. I’ve chosen to offer training and also friendship to those who stare. May WE have an even larger impact that I could imagine. In time, WE can produce community results.


2 thoughts on “MAWMonday Motivators 11/13/2016

  1. Connie Jackson

    Something that is a challenge for all of us I think. Walking away from the negativity of our past. The journey has to be a conscious one, which makes it the real challenge since the paradigm is controlled by the subconscious. Thank you for the reminder. We have to practice it daily, just like we practice other good healthy habits. Let go of the toxic relationships,(regardless of who)and sweep the dirt not under the carpet, but out of your door completely. Thank you!

    • Michael "theMentor" Wright

      “the paradigm is controlled by the subconscious” Brilliant! I have been wrestling with how to express the fact that much of the conscious activity is structuring and influencing the subconscious. I was using much less precise and rich words. This helps.

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