MAWMonday Motivators 11/15/2015

YouAreEnoughYour affirmation this week is about more than affirmation. In fact, it is about MORE. Specifically, “More Than.” Ironically, the result of MORE THAN is intended to be realization that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

1. More than Age
The wisdom of age is to realize the need for integration of each period of development. The child in you knows not to take anything too seriously. Tomorrow is inevitably a new day. The pre-teen in you realizes that change is constant. Find joy, friendship, and industry in each new experience. The teen in you knows that pressure will mount internally and externally. Be true to yourself, take heed of wise advice, and accept help when needed. The young adult in you knows that life is lived now, in this moment. With new responsibilities, comes also the importance of perspective, patience, and tact.

Allow these to speak to the adult you are. Integrate the lessons into a lifestyle of discovery, growth, relationship, authenticity, and mindfulness. Realize that you are. Practice the mantra of I AM. Cultivate that lifestyle, and expect the awesome results.

2. More than Affirmation
Expect awesome results? Yes. Misha suggests even writing them down. Not just your ToDo list. She counsels that you write down your requests and trust that the universe will take care of it for you. I took her advice this morning as you should. I attempted to think of things that I wanted from the universe. I found myself realizing how truly blessed I am that a multitude of possible requests and wishes are already mine. I found myself awakening to my capacity to provide hugs, share insight, pay forward, and promote understanding. I attempted to ask, and found myself thankful for all I am receiving. Even if this is not your experience, write it down and expect that it will be TODAY and continually.

3. More than Practice
Genius = perfect practice. Emphasis on the perfect. Perfect = performance + simple + consistent. It is so deep and revolutionary that I am hesitant to explain it further. But, I will.
Performance. Your genius expresses itself. You don’t have to become a genius. You just have to express it. Get yourself on the stage of life, and be willing to fail. Embarrassingly, miserably, foolishly…but triumphantly. Your resolve to share drives your continued growth.
Simple. The complexity comes in combination. The largess comes from smaller elements. The grand vision is the active implementation of lesser dreams. It may seem small. It may appear simple. In fact, it is. But, it is key. The whole cannot be claimed as “whole” without this simple piece. And adding to the beauty and perfection of the whole, you perfected this simple piece.
Consistent. I am not even in love with the “every day” label. Just practice on a schedule. It would be every day or every Wednesday, but keep it up. I am not concerned with how much of it gets done each time. It could be a sentence or a chapter. It could be a brick or a floor. But, return consistently to the task. Completion comes in time. You are made perfect with each consistent contribution.

4. More than One
Only one person, only one book, only one movie, only one degree…even one is amazing. We can think about how that one inspires another, and the cycle of pay it forward continues to benefit everyone. We could focus on your response to the call to be of service. Your contribution making the world a better place. If you could impact one, maybe you can impact another one. But, I would rather think about your ability to impact one more selfishly. If you impacted one, YOU are an impact. How can we package and extend YOU? The admonition to keep moving, the “don’t give up” is to consider your gift outside of the confines of your understanding, energy, and time. Your gift, offered without those limits, could train others in the gift, could live to serve 24/7, could endure perpetually into the future. The goal has always been about more than ONE. The legacy has always been about more than YOU.

5. More Than Love
Love what you do, and become great at it. But, it also has to be marketed. You need to develop your network. You need to nurture your customers. The list of business directives can seem endless. What’s worse, many of the tasks are far outside what you enjoy doing. The secret is to market through sharing with your immediate circle. Sharing builds the word-of-mouth. Develop your network with friends and supporters, but also professionals you can pay to do the needed things you don’t want to do. Nurture your customers by telling the story of your love and engagement with your passion. The stories will be honest, relevant, and endlessly unfolding. Being great at what you love is to find what you love in each task in front of you. Focus on the chemical combination you love, and the rest (the needful things) will seem elemental.