MAWMonday Motivators 11/16/2014

DreamsThis week is dedicated to those of you who have decided that you have had enough with procrastination. You have realized that the word was just a clever way to disguise your fear. Fear of success or failure. Fear of being too big or playing small. Fear of starting something and creating expectations that you may not be able to sustain. To those who have looked fear squarely in the eye and said, “It’s my time!” I salute you. I honor you. And, I respect your motivation. I present 5 strategies for your continued courage gleaned from tweets.

1. MAKE TIME. I begin with Jacob’s tweet this week as an example of what we all say prior to MAKING time. We use the “One day” phrase to describe the magical day when time works in our favor as a generous benefactor as opposed to the grueling task master it usually portrays. What is evident about this tweet, and what I focus on, is the fact that a wealth of information exists online and in the person of professionals. Rather than waiting for “one day,” I challenge you to make each day YOUR DAY. Rather than waiting until after the holidays, or for the beginning of the new year, or the start of next Spring, or the end of football season, Do it now! Fail quickly. Learn the lessons. Build more sustainably.

2. START SMALL. Farzana keeps the theme going with a tweet reminding you that you can start small. You only need to get moving. Make those dreams as big as you want. Make the goals challenging to just before the point where you are uncertain of your ability to reach them. Figure out the next step. Once you have it, START. With each small step taken, you create opportunities for the universe to connect with your effort. Realization of your dream grows from that small seed of effort.

3. DANCE. Get out there on the dance floor. Maybe it’s not a dance floor for you. Maybe it’s a machine shop floor. Maybe it’s a soccer field. Maybe it’s a debate team competition. Maybe it’s a fashion runway. Whatever your stage, opportunity will certainly join you as you step center stage. As you commit to the stage, development, creativity, learning, and legacy join your dance resulting in a brilliant performance. Even your critics will have to respond with Bravo!

4. WORK THE VISION. What are the pictures you see? Be inspired by this tweet because it reminds you to add discipline with dreams and vision. Dreams are not just blind luck, hopes, and delusions. With discipline, they become faith and certainty that a course of action will yield desired results. Do what you see in your vision. Follow the steps. Identify the next steps. Learn the skills and approach you need to get started. Maintain progress. Level up. Daydream more than just the end result. See the work. Build a plan. Work the plan. Do what you see!

sunset-and-light-bulb-LG5. BE AWESOME. And finally, prepare to be astounded. Give yourself permission. See how creative you can be. See your vision clearly. Switch on your AWESOME. As the tweet suggests, Do what you are capable of. Then, look up for the fireworks. I promise you, there is no greater feeling than achieving your goals. Take that confidence gained from one success into the next challenge. Be THAT person–the one confident, self-assured, smiling through the pain, certain that your result will wow everyone, including YOU.