MAWMonday Motivators 11/22/2015

cold dayThey were telling you the truth, part of the truth. But, that is really the point. They meant to break you, but that’s only part of the truth. The whole truth requires your reaction, experience, and contribution. Without YOU, reality is meaningless.

As the days get more cloudy and cold. A metaphor about sunlight seems appropriate. Is the sun really shining if you aren’t where the sun is shining? You receive more from basking in the sunshine than being told about how sunny it is. Without YOU, reality is meaningless. The lesson is to go to where the sun is, to Act with decisiveness. Experience the sun for yourself, to put yourself in a position to excel. And, in the sunlight, reveal your gift, to make your contribution to the world. And as for the shade you receive in the form of half truths, this week, I’ll help you make sunshine.

1. It’s all in Your Mind
They meant it to say that you are imagining the feeling that the world conspires for your ruin. That’s not the whole story. You are right. If you stop spinning the wheel, friction conspires to stop its motion. But, that feeling of yours is not just a revelation about the world and the law of physics. It is a choice for you. You can choose whether to focus on the friction that conspires or to focus on your efficient spinning.

Focus on invention, an engine for spinning that requires less energy than it produces. Focus on entrepreneurship, to package and sell your invention. Focus on ownership, to train and mentor the next generation of inventors. Focus on legacy, beginning in your household and expanding outward to change the world.

2. You’re always Making Mistakes
They meant it to fault you for your miscalculations. But, that’s not the whole story. You have heard the tagline, “If you are not failing, you are not trying hard enough.” You have to take the challenge to fail bigger. Watch closely. Manage your process with care and data collection. And IF you fail, you will be assured to fail forward. And, you will lose elements of your network along the way. Sometime friends and fickle supporters will stop returning your calls. The whole truth is that your team resolves stronger and more authentic with each failure you learn from.

3. You Didn’t Make the Cut
It hurts like everything! They meant it to hurt. But, that’s not the whole story. Challenge yourself and realize what your eyes were focused on. Get to that moment of clarity and realize that you had a different view and goal in mind the whole time. The whole truth is that you were playing small and guarding safety rather than going for gold and risking for your dreams. The whole truth is that you are not staring over. You are regaining your focus. You were never meant to be a part of THEIRS. You are called to build YOURS.

4. You’re on Your Own
Lonely doesn’t begin to describe it. They mean to leave you without a lifeline. But, that’s not the whole story. It has always been up to you. When you think about it objectively, even when you reached out for help, YOU had to make the inquiry. In the rare occasion when something seemed placed into your lap, you had to grasp and integrate it. It has always been up to you. It has always been your choice. Now. Right now, is no different from the way it has always been. Do what you have always done. Expect the best. Expect that you will come out on top.

5. It’s all Your Fault
Blame and guilt feelings are the worst. They meant to do you one worse and cause you to feel shame. But, that’s not the whole story. You are guilty, but that’s a correlate to responsibility. You are responsible. Take a moment and consider what about you and your choice behavior draws this controversy to you. The rest of the story includes your recognition of your apparent power over situations. If you are able to draw controversy, you are able to draw resolution. If you are able to inspire jealousy, you are able to inspire admiration. Adjust your approach. Instead of explaining to the jealous, pronounce to admirers. Instead of begging for concessions, set up a concession stand. The whole story is that the buck of responsibility stops with you. That’s the same buck that business leaders finance their dreams with.