MAWMonday Motivators 11/23/2014

This week, the motivators fit with a week of calm and thanksgiving. They are reminders that the holiday season CAN be a time of reflection. While the bustle of life slows down a bit and refocuses on what really matters, you can recharge your spirit and achieve the mental state that supports consistent goal attainment for months to come. Work in silence. Build with small deeds. Think big. Take time. Give roses.

1. Work in silence. I read another quote with a similar message, “Stop announcing and start doing!” I am particularly keen on this message during this Thanksgiving holiday week. Being an college professor with students on Winter break, the office gets uncharacteristically quiet. It’s a physical reminder of what it is to work without noise and distraction, to put on the blinders of incessant focus and realize genius.

build-your-own-house-22. Build with small deeds. I have never been a fan of playing small. I have never been satisfied with reaching just one person. But, I have learned to pay attention to the details–to build with a deliberate foundation of diligence. Small steps, small successes, and minute details are the building blocks of your great successes. Small deeds also support sustainability.

3. Think big. Though sustainability requires attention to detail, your vision must be brilliantly big. The size should of your vision should challenge your faith. It should provide external motivation for you to learn and grow. Rather than limiting yourself to what you can do alone, consider what you could do with a high-functioning team. Resist the temptation to focus only on the team you currently have access to. Dream of the team you could have. You are likely to attract that team to you.

4. Take time. As always, your resources include money, information, people, and time. A holiday is the perfect combination of the three. The challenge is to experience each as an opportunity to create rather than giving them away. This tweet is also a reminder to pay close attention to every moment. Being present in every moment means making the most of every moment. It also means finding the purpose in each moment. Those moments build into a legacy. Make sure that your legacy represents the vision you intended.

rainbow015. Give roses. And finally, a great quote of giving attributed as a Chinese proverb. The very act of giving produces value for the giver and the recipient.  The imagery of fragrance left from giving roses is moving. Smells can put you into a state of remembrance. They are reminders of emotions both welcomed and sometimes not welcomed.  Giving roses is a metaphor for intentionally creating the fragrance of your memories and the fragrance of your world. And with that intentionality, you retain an increasing scent of beauty. The more roses you give, them greater the scent left behind. You maintain the scent of roses in your life as you continue to give roses away. I am choosing to give. I am thankful for those who chose to give of themselves to me.