MAWMonday Motivators 11/29/2015

light-bulb-300-wideThanksgiving week was productive and revelatory. Productive in that I made progress in targeted, focused, insistent, and consistent ways. Revelatory because I had to pause and wonder what it was I was doing before. But, no worry, no stress. I was preparing for this moment. Now, that I’m here, I’m loving it. What’s your product? What’s the revelation you have been missing? Get on it, NOW!

1. Success is All That
So many definitions and how to explanations lack a simple component. Success is a lot of things coming together at the right time in front of the right audience. It’s so dependent on timing. Your task is not to succeed. A better focus is to be ready. The job is, while you wait, to find and enjoy and nurture a love. Once the planets align, you only have to continue your fun in order to live within your success. And, that was success all along.

2. Success Requires Your All
It hurts before it gets better. I flinched at paying $550 to my editor. My wife reminded me that if I was asked by a friend to invest that amount of money, I would not hesitate. “Why hesitate when it’s an investment in you?” she asked. I didn’t have an answer. “Look at your project, and determine whether it’s an investment you want to make. Then, make the investment.” And, there you have it. Do what she said!

3. Don’t Sleep on Your Dreams
Once this book comes back from the editor, it will be the labor of 12 years. My point to you is that it could not have been written sooner. But, it could have been completed sooner. On one hand, I needed that time and experience to teach me the contents of the book in a way that I could communicate clearly. On the other hand, I allowed myself to be distracted even from the lessons and imperative of completing the book. Some of the distraction was other work. Some of the distraction was fear wound in a yarn of perfectionism, resource poverty, and sloth. Let’s have that honest discussion about which hand you are identifying with the most.

4. Don’t Forget to Value
Remember when you wanted it so much. It doesn’t matter what IT was. You wanted it so badly. Now, you have it. Are you enjoying what you have? I mean really enjoying it. Or, is it figuratively or physically sitting in a corner unappreciated? What else do have right now? Some you longed for. Some you were blessed with before you knew you needed it. Make sure you realize the enjoyment now, in this moment. Not simple contentment, but a new level of engagement that makes this moment the best ever.

world5. Expect it Today!
You are such a small light in the vastness of space. Yet, you are a light that means everything in a dark space. Expect to light up the places you find yourself in today and this week. Expect to be rewarded for your contribution and your grace and your smile. Expect to be the best of yourself. Expect to receive the best of others in return.