MAWMonday Motivators 11/30/2014

34c22a6caf39a7082c4993e3bcfa1ebfThis week, we are fresh off the joy and gratefulness of Thanksgiving. Perusing my twitter feed, I noticed a theme of love that fits the season. But, love fits every season. It reminds me to focus on what really matters. The goal in all this is to love and be loved. To honestly, authentically, unconditionally LOVE.

1. Know Love. @Loveszar provides us with a definition of love to lead this week’s motivators. I wish for everyone the experience of another person working diligently, relentlessly to make them happy as a way to gain happiness. The challenge is often that you want to be loved by a specific person. That’s real. But, do you know love?

Notice that the tweet is not about receipt. It is about giving. It focuses on your effort toward the another person. I wish for everyone the experience of diligently, relentlessly working to make another person happy. Find people that are worthy of your love. Moreover, give your love, and make the world a happier place.

2. Invest Love. But, what if I invest love in a person, if I work to create happiness and the people let me down? Dr. Mullins has counsel that answers this question. It’s a mantra that I have adopted. I now assess the opportunity to invest in the lives of others based on the expected return. Love and a bit of maturity says that the return is that I gain the happiness of giving regardless of the reaction or the outcome. As long as I can see that my investment fills a need, I am satisfied.

I look for the need. I offer a sustainable solution. It is either accepted or rejected. Just as the Dr. suggests, I look back with some expressions of wonder and lessons learned, but I never look back with regrets. I never have to question whether I gave enough because I offered my all.

3. Seek Love. I am always amazed at how easily we see the sinister intentions of others. An important skills to be sure, but it seems to often override YOUR intention. I refuse to allow your intent to influence my intent. I am motivated to fearlessly be my authentic self. If you have a problem with me or my actions, at least I know that I have acted intentionally.

That’s the outcome made possible in a life lived according to this tweet. In seeking the good in others, you act with the intention to honor and promote that good. You act from a central motive of good in yourself. No matter the ending, you are certain that good was it’s origin.

4. Live Love. “…but to live by them.” Action does speak louder than words. What if we all acted by the intentions of our hearts? What if we spoke less and did more? My suspicion is that we would more quickly distinguish between characters. We would probably need an enhanced vocabulary to express the varying shades of selfishness.

And so it is after the holiday, during the holiday season, and throughout the year. To live a life of gratitude, to act kindly and intentionally, and to practice love is the highest calling. It is the doing and the being that authenticates the motive.

5. Be Enchanted. When I saw this tweet, my MAWMonday Motivators post was completed. Anyone who knows me understands that I have an uncanny ability to accept any compliment. If I am walking past and I say excuse me, and the person says, “You’re fine.” I accept that as a compliment about how FINE I am. This ability keeps me upbeat and aware of the goodness around me. Seeing this tweet fit into my ability (some say delusion) perfectly. It also forms a nice epilogue to this weeks motivations.

It is a double suggestion to you. First, be more like me. See compliments even in the simplest of niceties and the politeness of others. I promise you will smile more. Maybe blush a little, but definitely smile. Second, live under the spell of love. Not where you desire it, but where you create it in your every action. It begins with authenticity and a certain decision about your action. It ends with a smile, and the knowledge that you made a contribution beyond words. Your legacy endures even beyond your presence.