MAWMonday Motivators 12/06/2015

MTMyNDczNzQzMTA3NzM3NjEwIn my latest book dedication, I admonished my kids to choose a career by doing what they love. This advice is so much more than a cliche. My favorite example is Bill Gates. He liked computer coding. He stuck with it. As adults, we often have day jobs and things we don’t want to lose, but what if we could let go of what we have and take hold of something better? When do you know to make your way as opposed to accepting the easy path. It’s simple when you fail, but what about when you have the option to stay in a comfortable situation. Twitter has some advice.

1. Follow Your Bliss
Start with happiness. Have you ever been doing something that others consider work, and the thought hits you, “I could do this forever”? If you have ever found yourself doing something for hours without feeling the fatigue, you know something about bliss. Seek this activity. Rather than attempting to figure out how it’s going to work, just confirm that it’s something you can do for love. The doors will open. Trust that they will.

2. Live on Your Terms
Your next step is going to take some realism. You may think that living on your terms is more about the courage. But, the reality is that you don’t have a lifetime to reach your goals. You have to realize that each day, each moment is at stake. You have a choice to enjoy it or to waste it. You can figure out a congruence between the rules and your joy, or you can go against the rules toward your joy. Either way, your joy is what you will be happy you chose.

3. Give up Good for Better
I talk a lot about risk. But, that’s because it is difficult. It is also the single most recursive challenge you will face. Risk is even more fear-revealing when you have something, and you are asked to put it on the line for a chance for something better. Risk is being willing to lose. Thinking about the something better is encouraging. Realizing that you could lose is scary. I wonder is the chance worth it to you. Is it?

4. Freedom of Now
And, that’s the million dollar question. Is it worth it to you? It has to be. So, get your mind right. Order the universe by moving beyond fear and limitations. Expect, even in the experience of losing, that you will come out on top. Imagine living safe, and never taking the risk. That’s the freedom of now. When compared to the finality of an out-of-options later, or the missed opportunities of the past, NOW!

5. More Today, Less Tomorrow
And, you knew it. It’s still going to take work. But, the more you put in today, the less you have tomorrow. I am fond of a simple 20 minutes. That’s 20 minutes that are taken off tomorrow’s bill. You will thank yourself tomorrow. As you continue to make contributions, you will experience more thankfulness. And…you will experience the joy, through that consistent success, of project completion–something better.