MAWMonday Motivators 12/13/2015


1. Experience Strength
Here’s what I do know. Whatever it is that you want, if you want it for the long term, will require work. You might as well get ready for the difficulty and struggle. But, I don’t advise you to prepare for difficulty and struggle. I say prepare for small successes and achievement. Get your mind used to engaging the daily routine of excellence, which is the pursuit of perfection. Find joy in the challenge that each day brings. Rather than “not being afraid,” be contented and confident in a truth that living out your purpose is joy.

2. Truth & Purpose
Equifinality. That is the truth that there are many ways to get to the same outcome. The challenge is often that you deal with people who are working toward different outcomes. No wonder the methods seems foreign. Of course they don’t comprehend what you are doing. Your job is not to convince them, but you must articulate your plan of seeding. You must produce the fruit from your labor. You must share your harvest of abundance. They may not understand your methods, but they will not be able to deny results.

3. Observe and Learn
Are you watching? But, can you SEE? It’s the lesson that is important. Not the fact that life teaches. Not the pressures and challenges. Not the accolades and successes. It is the lessons that are most important. And, here’s the greatest of them: The lessons are not for you alone. They are to engage the next generation in a more excellent existence. They are a jumpstart for your children to make a more abundant future for their children.

4. Becoming Opposes Remaining
And who are you becoming? You now realize that giving has no value without receiving. You recognize that love has not value without empathy. You know that knowledge has little value without progress. Learn that existence is about becoming, not remaining. “I want to stay” pales in the face of “I am open.” The difference is not in leaving. It is in the openness to experience and integrate new information, to see other options, to rise higher to new vantage points.

5. Better Things Ahead
If you could know the end from the beginning, you would know that it does not get better. You get stronger. You learn from mistakes. You learn to live in purpose. You become what you want to see in the world. You make it better through you strength, your learning, your purpose, and your becoming. Though you took what you needed, you left more than you took. Better is ahead, because of the beauty you create now.