MAWMonday Motivators 12/14/2014

HumilityToday, allow my disappointment to motivate you. Over the last 60 days, I have been on a mission to launch a direct sales venture. I reached significant “quick start” goals. But, What I have learned about myself and others both humbled me and hardened me. I saw my value anew, and saw fear in the action and inaction of others. As a result, I re prioritized my budget and my vision for social change. I list 5 links for you to follow along with my chain of revelation.

1. Humility. I’m skeptical about tweets about humility, fearing that they will highlight the false humility of shirking in the face of opportunity. But, @hartramsey tweets it perfectly. Learning, trying another way because you have not gotten the results you wanted, that takes real humility. You have to admit you are wrong by taking new action. It’s tough but necessary. More importantly, new action is demonstration of learning.

2. Action. So, what is it that you want? Are you willing to act? I have talked with so many this last two months who say they want success, but who bring no tools. Worse, they bring no action…only fear and hesitation. Part of it, I will not blame you for. In fact, my new action is to offer the training to overcome the misinformation that is the basis for many poor choices. But, I will still require you to act to trust this new information. Your action will demonstrate what you really want. If you want something, you take steps to get it.

3. Critique. Critics will always be present. There will always be a counterpoint to your proposed action. This allows you to reason and collaborate on action. You can benefit from the counsel of others, see the results of their actions, and improve upon what you witnessed.

Even when you act, you can see the results and critique the outcomes. You continue to learn. You grow with each new action to do better. You share with others. You create reciprocity. You succeed.

4. Possibility. The possibilities are numerous, but only when you act boldly. You can’t pull back fearful and skeptical and connect with opportunity. Growth requires some risk. Blind risk is dangerous. But, find people you can trust. Research the offers and terms. Organize your best and worse case scenarios. Risk! Wisely!

5. Choice. The choice is yours. Invest today to secure a renewable return, or spend today to consume a product. Every action you take reflects your choice of investment or consumption. Don’t be surprised when, after years of consumption, you are in the same position you are today. The good news is, even then, you have the choice to choose another way.