MAWMonday Motivators 12/18/2016

This week, we talk about optimism. Not just the feeling of positive expectation, but also the behaviors that inspire through vision, correct doubt through understanding, heal through experience, persevere with kindness, and motivate through clarity.

Twitter is my launch point. You are my audience. I believe this post will encourage you through the upcoming week. That’s optimism.

1. Inspire Through Vision
It all begins with inspiration. When clients suggest that they are not creative. I encourage the behaviors that lead to inspiration. Along with the encouragement is the knowledge that many suppress their inspiration through an unsustainable realism telling them that it (whatever it is) can’t be done. If those are friends or acquaintences, let them go. Find people who tell you more “How” than “Cannot.” Know that knowledge of “the how” can overcome any challenge. That’s optimism.

2. Correct Doubt Through Understanding
All fear is about the unknown. So, when the failure or the wait causes you to contemplate discouragement, take time to learn. Learn about your situation, about yourself, about the problem, about the process. Develop that knowledge into understanding. Develop that understanding into a plan. Execute your plan as if you know what the future holds. That’s optimism.

3. Heal Through Experience
Think of it all as a cycle. The key is to realize what you are putting into the mix. You start with a basic complement of IT. Your task is to add value, love, health, positivity to the cycle. It may not make your basic IT into something amazing at first. But, trust the cycle. It may feel less than you had hoped in the second round, but trust the cycle. Keep putting positivity in and you will soon reap the returns in health, happiness, and success. Know that any IT develops through the cycle of experience, and trust that cycle. That’s optimism.

4. Persevere with Kindness
I’m uncomfortable with the “try,” but I’m totally sold on the kindness. There is no try. Be the best you can be. Be kind. Persevere. Grow in your expression of kindness. Add a spoken, “Good day!” to your smile. Add a hug to your, “Feel better!” Add a $20 bill to your Congratulations! card. Find new and inventive ways to show that you care. Give kindness like you expect that kindness to return to you 10 fold. That’s optimism.

5. Motivate Through Clarity
Most of us are really good at painting a picture of despair. If I lose my job, I can’t pay my rent. If I can’t pay my rent, I have to move. If I have to move, my child suffers in school. If my child suffers in school, I’m a failure as a parent. These lines of despair are often clear. What most of us don’t do is consider lines of success.

The first thing to do is realize how stress precipitates lines of despair. Stress typically clarifies lines of despair, but you can train yourself to see positive options in stressful situations. Understand that each challenge is a choice. Your first thought must be about options. Not just the negative outcomes, but the potential choices that work to sustain you. Trace a clear path through your available options toward a positive outcome. That’s optimism.